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Just. Not. Fair. I'm so sad for you. I hope everything turns out ok. Be kind to yourself
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thanks everyone.

today is better, iv kind of decided i dont get to be sad untill the next ultrasound.

i also found this

"Make Sure You Really Have a Completely Empty-Looking Gestational Sac

A blighted ovum diagnosis cannot be made if a yolk sac is seen. An embryo is needed for a yolk sac to be visible. Often, a baby will be seen one week after the yolk sac is viewed. Keep in mind, just because you may see the yolk sac and not have a true blighted ovum, miscarriage is still a real possibility. It is just not due to blighted ovum.

Read more: How to Make Certain Your Blighted Ovum Is Not Misdiagnosed | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5036848_make...#ixzz12q8QbJyk "

so that is good...well...better anyways.

i scheduled my next appt. for netx tuesday to get the HCG results, ultrasound pics and the OB can look at he pics, and to do a followup ultrasound...ill be 9 weeks.
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i hope everything turns out well for you hun and lo is just hiding
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Praying for you!
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Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.
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Thinking of you and hoping that everything turns out okay.
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I specifically stopped into the DDC to check on you. Hope you're doing well, whatever the outcome. I would've posted earlier but it's a nightmare sometimes to post using my iPod.
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Hope things turn out alright for you. s
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Thinking of you, I hope all turns out well.

Take care of yourself the rest of this week.
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Oh, that's great about the yolk sac! I think the baby could still turn up!
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I hope you get some positive news at your next appointment!!
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i feel more pregnant in the last 2 days than i have the entire time, and fundal height is still gaining.

so im thinking baby was just hiding.

i keep trying to remember exactly what the pic looked like from all angles. should have gotten a print out. but i already counted my self out so i didnt even ask.

ATA: the yolk sack had 2 small lines coming off it at opposite ends. the student u/s tech in the room noticed it and kept saying "it looks like the yolk sack has arms" so im holding out hope still. i small amount of hope but still....

you think those 2 lines could have been a fetal pole? do they connect to the yolk sack... (google is about to get asked too. )
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Vi, I am so sorry you have to go through this, but I hope it all turns out okay.
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i've been thinking a lot about you!!! i really hope this all turns around for you...praying praying praying
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DDC to send my good thoughts
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keeping you in my thoughts and sending good vibes your way!!
I know how hard all the waiting and wondering can be. Keeping up hope, even when our ending wasn't so good, was the only thing that got my hubby and I through. take good care of yourself!

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Keeping you in my thoughts as well...I hope the time till Tuesday passes quickly so you can get some answers
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Thinking of you!
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so apparently mu update before didnt work.

recap: yeah my HCG levels are 19,677!!! yeah...yeah..yeah.. normal for 7-8 weeks ia 7,000-22,000, i have my follow up draw today...3 days later.

but...alas i spoke too soon. my levels today were 13,000. im OUT for sure....just waiting for my uterus to catch up to the news.

it just wasnt my time, my baby is waiting for me and God is telling me to let go, and stop trying to control the situation. well GOD. guess its time i listen.

wishing you all a H&H 9 months!!! really and truly!!!
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Ack, what a rollercoaster you have been on I'm so sorry.
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