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baby has trouble pooping?

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She's 6.5 weeks old and for the past several days has frequently grunted and screamed and pulled away from me while nursing because she's trying to poop. It's not every time - sometimes it comes out with no apparent problems - but other times she seems to really be in pain.

The poop is normal consistency, so she's not constipated. And from what I'm reading this seems normal, but I was wondering are other babes doing the same thing? Is there anything I can do to make this easier for her? Any idea how long it will last? It's really uncomfortable for me when she pulls off suddenly and without breaking the latch!
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It could be uncomfortable gas while pooping--especially if it's coming out yellow and seedy like it should, and you don't see any actual poop problems. 6 weeks is the peak of fussiness for most babies, so some amount of fussing is typical for this stage, but have you considered using probiotics? I've used it with all our kids between about 5 and 8 weeks, and it's really helped with gas issues, poop issues (for some reason, my kiddos poops get kind of green-yellow at this stage, then turn bright yellow again after probiotics), and fussy issues.

Just started giving them to dd today, actually!
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I've considered it but not sure what's what. Is there a good brand or ingredients/formulation to look for?
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I've been using Flora Udo's Choice Infant's Probiotic Powder, but that's because it's what DH picked up. Most health stores or Whole Foods will have a few brands specific for babies - they usually have more bifido than lacto.
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I use Babydophilus brand...it's loose powder in a jar that needs to be stored in the 'fridge. works great.
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Got some this morning. Now crossing my fingers! Last night was rough with lots of fussing, crying, and pulling away from the breast and frequent wakings.
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