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Nesty, nesty, nesting...

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OK, I realize I might be heading up the front of the line with this because I'm due at the beginning of the month and I have a feeling the twins will actually be here at the end of November, but I thought we could start a nesting thread where we could post our accomplishments. Feel free to post your to-do list (or honey do list,LOL!) as well!
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Yesterday and today I:
-- made name labels for the laundry bins and coat hooks (with 6 kids, this seemed necessary; plus we subscribe to the Waldorf tradition where each (small) child has a symbol to help them recognize their place. The older kids helped-- Molly is a red heart and Matthew is a green caterpillar.)

-- finished cleaning the bedroom mostly

-- sorted through newborn shoes and booties

-- cleaned out and packed up the diaper bag with everything but coming home outfits. I have two sets-- one preemie and one newborn. I'm just waiting for everything to come out of the wash.

-- organized the changing table

-- put away all Daniel's old diapers

-- organized the babies' dresser

I am not listing all the stuff I need to do yet.
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Well, I just have a to do list at this point. I am mentally nesting, but don't have the energy to actually get anything done so it's making me really grouchy and frustrated.

To do:
*put away all clothes (still have piles of clothes on floors from the flood and having all of our stored clothes out. I need to go through everything and get it sorted, boxed, given away, or in a drawer/closet) DONE
*clean basement (also flood related, things need organized and the broken appliances need to be tossed out) all but mopping done
*clean freezer (also freaking flood related)
*shampoo carpets (have to clean and vacuum first) DONE!! and man my back hurts!
*clean/organize the craft/birth room. (It's still full of unpacked boxes and random things from moving here last winter)
*curtains for birth room bought but haven't installed
*get dresser for baby
*make new sling for myself and sister (due a few weeks before me)
*wash and sort all baby clothes and diapers
*get a few snappis
*organize the garage so I can park in there this winter
*clean the whole freaking house top to bottom top is done!! middle and bottom are still in progress
*collect birth supplies
*feed the newly cleaned freezer
*find/make big sibling shirts for the kids big sis done
*find and read our homebirth kids book-start talking a little about the birth with the kids, especially the 2 yo if he decides to be there
*make check up appts with the new doc we chose so we can sort of establish some care ahead of the babe's arrival.
*maternity pics
*knit some more, mathcing longies and sweater would be nice
*find/wash birth towels and washclothes (we lost my previous ones in that freaking flood too)
*replace elastic on some diapers

I'm sure there's lots more but that's what I have off the top of my head, seriously it's driving me crazy! My DH and I were supposed to take a little get away, but I think we're going to stay home and get projects done! The kids will still go stay with my parents though!
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Originally Posted by sarahn4639 View Post
Well, I just have a to do list at this point. I am mentally nesting, but don't have the energy to actually get anything done so it's making me really grouchy and frustrated.
OMGosh, I totally feel you. I am trying to do just one thing (or even part of one thing) a day. I did too much yesterday and today and really paid for it by feeling horrible.

I will admit, I am having a cleaning lady come. I was given a very loving and generous gift and found a lady who will come from a couple towns over for $13 an hour. She has no ties to our church at all, which was important to me. She's coming tomorrow for 3 hours and then for 5 on Friday. After that, we'll see how things are. I have been so sick and tired and even apathetic this whole pregnancy that the house is in pretty bad shape. I feel ashamed that I need outside help, to be honest. But I know it needs done. And it frees up what little energy I have to do the stuff only I can do and to keep growing these babies.
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I have no desire to nest at all...all I want to do is sit around! My to-do list is starting to scare me.
* Find a daycare.
* Find a pediatrician.
* Take infant CPR class.
* Get car seat installed and checked.
* Write will. (Morbid, I know, but I think it's about time!)
* Cook some stuff for the freezer.
* There's too much stuff that needs doing around the house to even begin to list...we'll be lucky if we get any of it done!
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Annette, don't feel bad about it!! Be thankful that you can do it and that it will be such a help and stress relief! Try to view it as a blessing rather than a fault. I totally understand wanting someone who is not connected to you in anyway. Having someone so intimately in your home is like having someone at your birth (like a doula or something) you either need to be super duper close or not at all!

Nora, you opened a whole new thought process for me, I need to go add some things to my list now, I might as well keep it in one place and this is a good as any I suppose! A few of your things will be quick and easy to check off, just make appts (car seat check, CPR class, lawyer) and then just show up! The day care could be hard, for a ped, I'd ask around at natural parenting places. If there is a local API I'd ask on their yahoo group or something. LLL is another good place to get recommendations for more holistic docs and that will help narrow down the list of interviews at least. 2 nights a week, cook a double batch of something and freeze half of it, it makes feeding the freezer feel less like a project. Now if I could just take some of my own advise and start checking some things off my list!
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  • Gear set up (including car seat installed)
  • Clothes washed and put away
  • Diapers prepped
  • Diaper bag packed for hospital
  • Nearly everything bought
  • Splash pad 'installed' under fitted sheet

To Do
  • Take Childbirth and breastfeeding classes (start next week)
  • Print birth plan and last minute packing list
  • Finish paying doula
  • Buy a few small things (nothing I can't live without)
  • Finish packing hospital bag
  • Have baby.
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  • Put the word out that I needed a few new-baby hand-me-down clothes, and put the results in the drawer.
  • Moved my 20 month old out of our bed and mostly nightweaned him.

To Do:
  • pick up carseat (can get free ones in my town)
  • replace velcro on my son's old diapers (my husband will do this)
  • plan 1 day out of town trip scheduled less than 2 weeks before my due date (crazy, I know, but it's a film festival with a film about me in it)
  • get stuff together to move the whole family to the neighboring town with the hospital in it to wait for baby (probably at the beginning of Dec)
  • finish the enormous list of work and other non baby-related tasks before he/she shows up

I have a one-room house (a yurt) which minimizes the amount of stuff acquiring and organizing one can do. And I'm not worrying about freezing meals because I find that it's enough work to keep up with the day to day cooking, and because I like the daily ritual of cooking, and will enjoy it with a baby in a wrap (or in my husband's arms) as well.
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Sarah, I am so with you on the being too tired to get it all done part, and getting grumpy because of it. I strongly suspect my day of intense vomiting was due in large part to me just being worn out/down and needing to take it easy. Terrible timing as I have so much to do

Nappies washed and in their drawers

Two woolen diaper covers knitted

A newborn hat knitted
Newborn booties knitted

Car seat ready

Wrap washed and ready

Bedroom wardrobe dismantled

To do:
Paint bedroom (I just sourced VOC free paints here in Israel, terribly excited)

Move 2nd futon into the bedroom

Set up sewing machine in the spare room

Move all my crafting materials into the alloted cupboard
Set up book shelves

Set up DS's play corner in the spare room

Wash baby clothing (I have pulled it out of storage, just need to wash it)

Get supplies together for the birth

Clean kitchen cupboards

Knit more diaper covers (2 more for newborn size and 3-4 for the next size up when I will not have two hands for knitting)

Clear the yard

Install the chickens (although this could be pushing it - I have no idea if we will get this done)

That's off the top of my head.... I'll edit when the forgotten items push through my foggy brain.
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Oh, ugh.
I *was* feeling mostly on top of things, but over the past little while I've realized that while we can make do with what we've done, life will be a lot more pleasant/easier if we get a few more things done!

-diapers washed and put away in dresser/change table
-a bare minimum of clothes collected, washed and put away
-a few random items collected, including an infant fleece/snow suit
-dd set up and sort of sleeping in her own bed/room

To Do:
-FIND carseat. We've picked out the one we want, but when I went to buy it (waited for a sale), they were out of stock and not planning to get anymore in the forseeable future. DONE!
-get baby clothes back from my sister. Wash, sort and put away.
-gather up the rest of the birth supplies. So far, I've got motherwort, cord clamps, and stuff to deal with the placenta, and have arranged to borrow a doppler and a birth tub
-wash the kanoe
-find second sheepskin for the new babe (dd still uses hers on a daily basis so we can't pass it down)
-buy more pillows and silverware in order to have enough for the extra people who will be staying with us (we can handle 1-2 visitors, but we'll have 3 plus 3-5 more for some days/meals. ugh)
-finish Christmas shopping
-organize/shop/prep for dd's birthday party (her birthday is dec 22, edd is dec 24, we're planning to have a party on dec 4. we'll see how that all works out, I guess!)
-it would be lovely to paint the ceiling in our bedroom (it's currently a mishmash of tan with white edges and hole filler all over the place. heaven only knows what required the former tennants to put literally dozens of holes in the ceiling)
-finish the hoop jumping required to get our foster care license transferred to this province
-figure out what else needs to be done!
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alright. here's my growing list:

changing station

car seat

knit longies

curtains or drop cloth for birth bed

wash and sort all BB clothings and Diapers

order birth kit

sew wash cloth

diaper bag

burp clothes

trash can for CD

Receiving blankets

Homeopathic remedies for birthing and BB

clean out pantry and restock with new staples

write birth plan

setup co-sleeper and make sure we have everything we need for it

arrange placenta encapsulation

buy new bedding and towels

Comfrey tea from what I read on the HB page

Baby monitor

baskets to put baby stuff in


Ergo for KK

Pack a hospital and baby bag just in case we need a transfer
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I'm so happy that my nesting instinct has kicked in, because finally I feel like I'm doing something besides sitting around being miserable.

Of course, the things I'm doing aren't entirely helpful. I suppose it might be important to my family's well-being that my socks are organized from dark to light in my drawer, but something tells me it won't matter too much in the long run.

I have done some good things, though:
  • I'm catching up on a lot of laundry, which is huge because I haven't had much energy to do that lately
  • The kitchen and dining room have been perpetually clean - no clutter pile-up from mail or schoolwork
  • My birth kit arrived and is displayed very neatly and visibly in my closet
  • I'm getting together some other things that my MW requests for the birth (e.g. paper towels, garbage bags, ammonia, heating pad, etc.) and putting them with the rest of the stuff in my closet
  • I have newborn diapers and wipes (disposable and cloth, but we're most likely using sposies at least for a while b/c as much as DH supports my cloth diapering, he can't bring himself to touch or wash them, and I'm not doing laundry in the first few postpartum weeks)
  • I have a couple weeks' worth of meals in the freezer and am constantly adding more
  • Christmas shopping is *almost* done - I have my cart all ready to go in Amazon and am waiting for the paycheck that has enough money for me to buy them, which will hopefully be the first one in November
  • We're growing ever closer to having our new (to us) van that will fit everyone
  • I've gotten a ton of baby knitting done (but I'm sure I'll do more)

I still need to:
  • Get the van, then install the carseat (which we already own)
  • Find at least one cute new baby outfit; I like to have at least one new thing even though we have so many hand-me-downs. It helps tell the kids apart in their baby pictures.
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On my list:

pull diapers and clothes out of storage
wash diapers and clothes
Organize and put NB diapers in dresser
separate sizes and organize dd's outgrown clothes
go through all my clothes to put away seasons, donate piles
organize my closet
organize my dresser to make room for NB clothes
buy homeopathics for labor prep

Working on or to do:
birth plan
put away all dd's outgrown clothes
put away other sized diapers to be used soon
find or buy new trash can for diaper pail
Find someplace for newborn and 0-3 clothes (store all other sizes away for now)
Freeze more meals ~ lasagnas, lactation cookie dough, meatballs, beans
- putting up enchiladas and sloppy joes this week
baby bed from MIL? Find and wash bedding for it.
get bouncer out of storage and wash cover
Pack hospital bag
pick out a coming home outfit for baby
go through Hypnobabies cues with dh
install carseat
clean off dresser for changing pad
make an activity basket with lots of different activities for dd for weeks after birth
finish Christmas shopping
knit hats for dd and baby
knit booties/socks for baby
knit mittens and socks for dd (for Christmas)
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About the only thing I've started 'physically nesting' on is cooking. I've made many freezer meals (1 meatloaf, 5 batches of chili, chic & rice casserole, black beans, 2 pumpkin coffee cakes, 2 batches choc chip pancakes)

The rest of my nesting is all in my brain, but no energy to do it.

To do:
Wash baby clothes
Strip and organize CDs
Get birth linens washed and all put together
Buy an inflatable tub for birth
Help DH with techniques to help me through labor.
Bring bassinet down from the attic
Get fall clothes and christmas decorations out of the attic while DH is up there
Put away Summer clothes
Christmas shopping
Shampoo the carpets
Shampoo the couch

And I'm sure there are tons more.

Anette, don't feel badly for having a cleaning lady come in. I'm really thinking of doing the same, just have to find someone reasonable.
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I just feel like sharing my little idea.

DH is going to be gone a month. We're not 100% sure on the dates but I'm writing out a calendar one one of those big yellow legal pads (one week per page) and putting at least one thing on every day. I will be forcing myself to keep busy (or else I'll go insane). If I put it on a reasonable timeline and assign things to a specific day then maybe I'll be able to hold myself accountable better.

My first week (just for an example)
34 weeks October 24-30
Sunday - nothing yet
Monday - 7-9 PM Childbirth Class
Tuesday - 34w appointment @ 1 PM
Wednesday - Take new belly picture & LLL meeting @ 10 AM
Thursday - nothing yet
Friday - nothing yet
Saturday - nothing yet

I still have a lot of days to fill in but I'm sure I'll find something to fill them in with! I think I might dedicate each day of the week to cleaning a different part of the house too. I'm not a neat freak so it doesn't have to all be done at the same time but I have a problem with never getting around to it. Can't have dishes sitting around for a month!!
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Ring sling, woven wrap, and mei tai sewn (the mei tai looks so great!!! I am quite proud of myself)
Pediatrician selected
"coming home" clothes bought (one boy outfit, one girl outift... Gymboree is awesome)
Car seats bought (will install in Dec)
cloth diapers prepped

Working on:
Meals for freezer
Childbirth prep on our own (we also have a class in November)
installing the windows (we have 4 more to go in the house, plus the sliding glass door: we want all those done before the baby comes; sun porch can wait)

Need to do:
Christmas presents!!!!! ok, it's not really nesting, but necessary
Belly photos (hopefully by halloween)
Name selected
Bedroom rearranged
Dresser and changing table fixed
clothes and blankets washed and put away once dresser is fixed
buy the rest of the diapering supplies (waiting till my baby shower to see if I get anything there)
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Gosh I don't even have a to do list made up yet. I think it will scare me if I do. I have SO much still to do.
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I think my nesting urge kicked in just this weekend. I'm sure I'll add more to these list as i think of them.

So far I've done:
-Moved 2 y.o. into his own room.
-Washed and put away NB-3 month clothes
-started cleaning/organizing/re-arranging my bedroom
-finished my holiday shopping (atleast 90% of it) so no worries there.
-organized, pulled out or stored all outgrown or seasonal clothes for older 5
-Finished knitting sweater and longies so far

Need to do:
-Pick a name for the boy
-Wash NB diapers and organize
-Wash mama cloth
-Wash all the baby equipment covers (swing, bouncy, carseat, etc)
-Buy and set out birth supplies
-Set up co-sleeper
-Have my snuggly wrap converted into ringsling
-Finish knitting longies, blanket and sweater i started, make more longies
-Get house in order so DH and the kids can handle it after birth

Not very necessary but on my list to do someday cause they're bugging me lately:
-Clean out basement
-Organize my craft room
-Clean and organize garage
-Winterize the yard
-Re-paint and decorate DD's room
-Take border off my bathroom walls since it's peeling off anyways.
-Touch up paint a few walls through out the house.
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I put 3 quiches in the freezer last night (2 spinach-broccoli, and 1 corn) and today I am going to work on scrapbooks, which are also Christmas presents. I am coming down with a cold, so I figured that is a good thing to do to relax yet accomplish something.
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oh my...this thread is freaking me out...I have so much to do.

stash of NB clothing out of storage and washed
buy carseat
buy diapers (still need a few but no rush)
buy kanoe
get slings/wraps out/washed
sew wipes

To do:
rearrange dressers to make room for baby clothes
finish reno-work on our upstairs
figure out what HB supplies we need and start getting them
buy dd's xmas/solstice gifts
plan xmas/solstice with family
organize upstairs (still chaos from reno in the summer)
install a new front door (not my list so to speak but on THE list)
sew curtains for living room for birth
knit diaper covers/longies and sweater/bunting
sew a dozen more wipes
finish prepping diapers
buy diaper pail and bags
get birth linens washed and put into basket beside the bed
clean out pantry
organize laundry room
get airbed from storage
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