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Just a gentle reminder-- the purpose of this forum is to promote breastfeeding, not formula feeding. While I understand that there's some ambiguity here-- wanting to help support mothers who formula feed, etc-- it is really not the purpose of the forum and posts that do so will be removed. I will leave the posts suggesting where else to put the coupons. You can read more about the forum guidelines here. As always, feel free to PM me with any questions.
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions from all sides. For some reason my email account started tagging MDC as spam so I didn't see the email saying that someone had replied. Anyway, I never put back the coupons. I still have them in my bag. There is a person's name on the check coupons but I don't know who he is. I checked the break room and there's no coupon basket. The company is big enough that it's really not something I think I can initiate although I think it's a great idea. I think I'm the only one using the room because it's across from a security station and there are two guards who love to tell me how much of a waste the room is because I'm the only one. I just smile Also, I've left things around the room in a certain manner and nothing gets moved.

Anyway, I've decided to not put them back. I'd hate to take the chance that they'd fall into the hands of a new pumping mom who is doubting herself even if that means potentially denying them to a woman who has given her heart and soul into BFing but still needs to supplement. I don't know of anyone who is FFing at the moment. If I give them to anyone it would have to be someone who has weaned completely so that I could be certain that I'm not contributing to her stopping BFing. Even then, I'd still be advertising for a FF company so maybe not even then.

As I start volunteering in the community as a CLC I'm really trying to find a balance between being a breastfeeding advocate and still being compassionate towards women who don't BF for whatever reason.

Thanks again!
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