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I am trying very, VERY hard to get to a place where a completely destroyed house isn't even a possibility, because it is so minimal, you could pick up EVERYTHING within a reasonable amount of time.
We're getting there. I've found a 5-10 minute pickup every night keeps things pretty darn well cleaned up.
Laundry can't pile up too much..I only kept out about a weeks worth of clothes per person..so after a week, we're naked lol. Not to mention it can all be washed in just a couple loads, no more "OMG, i have 10 loads of laundry to do"...because I don't own 10 loads of laundry anymore
Same thing in the kitchen..running the dishwasher cleans everythign i own, except a few pans, because i cut down to ONLY that many dishes. (I am also making moderate use of paper to get me through tough spots still.)
Same thing with kids toys..have been pared down, there are easy-to use storage systems in place (mostly bins) and even if they dumped out everything, it wouldn't take more than 20 minutes to put EVERYTHING back away.
There is still so much to be done, so many more areas to organize, so much more to clean, but we have made such astonsihing progress, i finally feel like i am getting my *LIFE* back. I no longer have hours and hours of chores looming over me all the time. The kids have fewer toys, but they play with the ones theyhave MORE, and can acvtualy FIND them when they want to. Everyone is so much happier.
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1 day. It's awful. If I keep things up daily then it's not so bad, but if I take a day or more "off", it's not pretty.
I was busy all day yesterday and didn't really clean and the house shows it. I plan to get it back in order today, otherwise it will getworse and I will have even less motivation to clean.
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