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Pantry Challenge?

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Anybody interested in starting this?

We have so much food and while I do stock up on sale items, I really need to use what I've got more. I do have to go grocery shopping today but I'm hoping to not go back for a month after this (I will get fresh fruits and milk, stuff like that). Our grocery bill isn't too high or anything but it really could be much lower.

So who's with me?
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I am currently stocking up on sale items, making stock, soup etc as the weather changes. I would love to join in!
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I'm in! We're in the process of moving and my pantry needs to be cleared out. I am a big sale shopper and tend to keep my pantry stocked.

Last night, we had white chicken chili. I had one chicken breast left in the freezer, plus two cups of dried beans that I had soaked and frozen. I added chicken broth, spices, a can of corn and voila! Served with blue corn tortilla chips, cilantro (left over from Saturday's meal), and grated monterey jack (pepper jack) that was in the fridge and needed to be eaten.

Tonight is meatloaf that I found in the freezer. I have some potatoes in the pantry and broccoli in the fridge that need to be eaten. I also found a pie shell in the freezer that needs to be used....quiche tomorrow?
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Tonight we are eating out since we won't be home until late. We don't eat out alot usually but the last few weeks we have and I hate it. Other than a weekend away next month, we shouldn't be eating out, especially with the amount of food we have in the house.

Anybody have a recipe for tortillas? We go through alot and it would be so much cheaper, and healthier, to make my own.
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My dd just made tortillas using the recipe outta Joy of Cooking. I thought they were pretty good. Really, though, any recipe is good, it's just how ya cook it! Don't overcook, and make sure your griddle is nice and hot.

I'm in as I'm currently in a pantry/freezer challenge here anyway. Both for financial reasons, and clean out the freezer reasons, lol. It is also teaching me what I SHOULD have had more of, and I am taking notes!

Last night we had quiche w/eggs we are getting tons of, swiss cheese, onion, grated carrot, and swiss chard outta the garden. I also made a pear pie w/keiffer pears we got from my mom that were found to be ripe RIGHT NOW and needed to be used. I added fresh minced ginger and lots of orange zest and it was possibly the best pie I've ever made.

The night before we had leftover combination home made lo mein and take out Chinese. Leftover leftovers, lol.

We recently had a great African rabbit stew to which I added tomato and 2 kinds of sweet potatoes and swiss chard.

We've also had rabbit soft tacos.

We've been eating sauteed pears w/a variety of flavors.

I have no clue what's for supper tonight but I do need to get going on it, lol.
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Originally Posted by Alyantavid View Post
Anybody have a recipe for tortillas? We go through alot and it would be so much cheaper, and healthier, to make my own.
These are fabulous, I like to make them with mole pork roast: http://www.grouprecipes.com/1603/who...tortillas.html

I'm in, I was just looking in my freezers, pantry, etc and I have TON of food. Good stuff too, not just odds and ends weird things. Pretty much I could make just about any meal right now as it sits.

So I am making a plan, I feel like I need to start meal planning again because my cooking has been kinda random due to my work schedule lately.

Here's my plans:

Tonight: homemade chicken strips, yukon gold parmesan fries, salad with homemade ranch dressing

Wed: Marinated pork loin roast(found in back of freezer), rice pilaf, salad

Thurs: I work DH and kids eat whatever they make

Friday: Stirfry with leftover pork loin and the bunches of veggies in the fridge

That's what I have so far.
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Seeing as how DS and I are moving and I hate to move the pantry and I really dont want to leave it all for my stbx roomie I think I will join you...

For lunch today I had a sandwich and chips.
tonight will be potluck, I have a 5pm appt

There are pork chops calling my name in the freezer for tomorrow's dinner yummy

Most lunches are packed so they are either leftovers or sandwiches and sides.

I really need to take inventory and see what we have.

DS also wants 'breakfast' for dinner one night... hummmm
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I'll join! Well more like a freezer challenge, my pantry is not too full right now. I'd love to clear out half of my freezer and buy this bulk meat pack from a local, ethical butcher.
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So yesterday's grocery shopping trip was mostly to replace some items we'd run out of. And they had HFCS-free ketchup on sale for super cheap so I stocked up on that.

Tonight is lasagna, salad and french bread. I think the kids are having lunch at school, ds1 had cereal for breakfast and ds2 will probably eat at daycare. Lunches for dh and I will be leftovers.
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I will definitely join in! Ours will be a pantry/freezer challenge as both are definitely overflowing! I'm a sale shopper, too and use coups like crazy. I will be stocking up on soup soon since a local grocer as them on sale. Other than that, a lot of homemade stuff will be made!
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Tonight will be rabbit soup. Don't know what kind and won't until I start adding stuff, lol. That's how I roll.... I have my soup bones/parts in a pot simmering. I don't usually simmer my rabbit stock overnight (or longer) because it rarely gels anyway(young rabbits), or not nearly as well as the others I make. I am thinking some of those green 'maters out of my garden plus some coriander, cumin, onion, green chilis, jalapenos (tons in garden), and who knows what else...I have cabbage and cilantro to use up, too. Chili soup?

Breakfast is oatmeal, lunch is leftover chana dal/veggie patties and mac and cheese.

I have gobs and gobs of berries to use (loganberry, blackberry, Brazos berry, raspberry), peaches from our tree, pears from my moms tree, grapes from our vines, soup bones (rabbit, chicken, goat, lamb, wild pig), and goat milk in my freezer. Oh, and some pumpkin, cornmeal, a few chickens we just butchered, and some blue gill my kids caught. I am seriously lacking veggies, but my garden is still putting out swiss chard, tomatoes (not sure if they'll ripen), a handful of okra a day, and lots of jalapeno peppers. And basil and Italian parsley. I also have eggs coming every day from our chickens. And some dehydrated carrots, celery, red bell peppers, and mushrooms (white button), and kale (it turned to powder, lol).

Any suggestions? I have all the basics as far as baking soda and powder, spices, yeast, ww flour, oats, sauces, condiments, and vinegars. Only canola oil and 3 sticks of butter.

I am sort of in a rut. NO ONE will give me suggestions and I'm considering telling them to cook!
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Originally Posted by Poddi View Post
I'll join! Well more like a freezer challenge, my pantry is not too full right now. I'd love to clear out half of my freezer and buy this bulk meat pack from a local, ethical butcher.
Funny you say, I use the pantry challenge to also go thru and deal with any strangers in the freezer as well as feed the freezer!

We are expecting our full pig next month. That is about 100 lbs of meat in the freezer and the pork will last until oct 2011. We receive our side of beef in Jan and that starts to run our around late nov/early dec.

I have cut down my grocery bill and adjust my expectations to cost of living and inflation. Now, I am thinking by Jan 1, going to once a month grocery shopping. I hit 4 places for groceries and either do 2 and buy enough to last more than 2 weeks and then in 2 weeks hit the other 2. Such as I buy certain things at Aldi and Trader Joes. I also hit our local grocer. Plus a larger ethnic grocer. Then we get organic delivery for dairy and produce.

Sorry, I am babbling...

But do I do like during first of the month, go to TJs/ Aldi and then the last part of the month hit the other 2?? Or just hit all at once in a 4 hr stretch?
I am playing with all of this the final months of 2010 to decide. Any ideas???
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Last winter and until quite recently I have been doing a once a month BIG shop, stocking up the pantry and freezer. Then I was going about every 2 weeks or so for perishables. For you though you get a delivery of fruits, veggies and dairy....I would break it into 2 trips personally so I didn't feel too overwhelmed. I find that for myself I like shopping every couple weeks, doing the biggies, but lately I am doing a weekly thing more-so. Due to the things I want to stock up on being on sale.

I also am going through my freezer, the pantry, eh not so much. I have some odds and ends I do need to get rid of and replenish supplies.

My little things are a couple cups of pinto and black beans, some lentils and some other stuff. I think I'll be making refried beans out of the pintos, soup with the black beans and the lentils.

One of my biggest reasons for doing this is I need to meal plan again. I haven't done it in a couple years due to pregnancy and postpartum. Now my son is one and eats smaller versions of what we eat, I know that he has a couple allergies, so I am trying to make most of our food.

I discovered in my fridge some jalapenos and limes, so Friday I'm thinking pork fajitas instead of stir fry. I have tomatoes from my garden and the makings for wilted cabbage salad. Maybe I'll make those tortillas and the refried beans.

My idea are for next week:

Sat: Stew with homemade bread or biscuits
Sun: work
Monday: Rosemary chicken in the crockpot(new recipe I've never tried) mashed potatoes
Tues: Pork Steaks, rice, veggie, salad
Wed: work
Thurs: Pizza maybe?

That's what I've got so far.
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Tonight is leftovers. Dh and I ate one tiny corner of the giant lasagna last night so we'll be eating that for lunch and dinner until it's gone. Good thing we like lasagna!

I made the kids vegan spaghettios the other day. They actually turned out really well and taste just like the canned version, so they'll have those. Except of course the noodles aren't O shaped, but I got them as close as I could.

Ok scratch all that. We're going to have steak, salad and some kind of potato. The steak's been in the fridge a couple days now and it needs cooked.
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Tonight is ground turkey swedish meatballs on noodles. I will make a larger batch and freeze half of it for a later date.

We have all kinds of odds n ends in the fridge so we will have some interesting toppings on pizza.

I started making smoothies with wheat grass so I am able to use up all the fruit we have. My kids love smoothies too, but wont eat the ones with the wheat grass. My 4 yr old is almost a smoothie chef. She picks out the ingredients and they come out great.

One big temptation is that candy aisle now with halloween approaching!
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woot! I love the pantry challenge threads. So many awesome ideas. I'm TOTALLY in. We stocked up in a big way and I need to start going through it all. We are so stocked we will only need perishables for the next few weeks to a month probably. Tonight it was just me for dinner so I had leftover tvp/veggie/cheese burritos from last night. tomorrow's breakfast will be yogurt with homemade granola and mango for 3 and grapes for 1(because she despises mango). Lunch will be peanut butter and jelly for the kids and a veggie roll-up with hummus for me because it's a busy day of errands. Tomorrow night is homemade pizza because it's a fun night with activities at the gym and swimming.
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definitely in. Traveling in 2 weeks and then picking up a 1/2 hog when we return! So yeah, need to eat all the fresh up anyway, and get meat from the freezer.

I still intend to stock up on seasonal items as they are available (coming soon: baking supplies, nuts, etc) and am still preserving a little (applesauce this weekend), but want most of our meals for the next, oh, 6-8 weeks to be pantry/freezer based.

Tonight is leftover shredded pork tacos with avocado and a salad (from the garden).

Don't have a plan beyond that yet!
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Tonight is pizza for the kids and dh and I are having leftover lasagna.
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So tonight pizza, tomorrow night we have a party so set there esp since the kids are going to Grandmas!

Sunday, I am making a beef stew and adding some of the parsnips etc the produce boxes are loading up on as a typical fall box. I am also enjoying a butternut squash soup I made with the squash, chicken stock from the freezer and I diced up a bunch of different "root veggie bag" things that arrived with the box. I dont think I have ever made the same soup twice because I just always add what I have.

Since DH's bday is next week, we are eating the fillets from our side but I am thinking of inviting his parents and one of his brothers for the stew on Sunday to celebrate his bday. I can make an apple pie too for the dessert with the frozen apple pie filling we made from apple picking earlier last month.
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I'm in. Tonight I'm using up some tortillas and beans, making some sot of quesadilla meal.

My pantry needs to be organized too, I have no clue what I actually have.
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