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will my floors handle the birthtub?

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Okay, all you mommas with rickety old houses, I need your advice. My midwife has an aquadoula that we can use. I'm considering buying a fishy pool thinking that it might weigh less when filled. However, I just read that it holds 191 gallons and based on the conversion I just did, that's 1593 lbs! Please tell me I'm figuring something wrong here. I'm afraid my floors won't handle that kind of weight. My house was built in 1920 and the joists are far apart.

We have a clawfoot tub but I'm afraid that my bathroom isn't spacious enough for my midwife to have room to do what she needs to do.

Anybody have wisdom/personal experience with this?
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i would ask your midwife if she thinks she would have enough room in your bathroom. ask her to come check it out. we didn't rent a tub for the exact reason you asked about. at the time we were living in an old apartment and when we did laundry in the basement, there were chunks of the ceiling falling down and it seemed altogether too precarious
as it was, i sat in my bathtub for all of 5 secs in labor - i always envisioned having a waterbirth and hated the water in labor! i know i didn't give you any great advice except that we had the same fear and opted not to get one. but do ask you midwife to come check out your tub, i'm sure she could manage and if there was some concern about the baby while birthing in the tub, she would probably ask you to get out anyways. good luck!
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for our 2 waterbirths we lived in different old houses and used the aquadoula.

the question that you can ask is "will the floor support a waterbed?" if it can, it can support the aquadoula.

I tend to think that old houses were built better-maybe the joists are far apart, but they may be thicker/better wood.
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Thanks for the input. I've talked to my midwife some more about my concerns. She'll do a home visit soon and we'll talk about the bathroom tub then. I think I'm going to try to get a friend who is in the construction biz to come out and give me his opinion.
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Whoa-ababy, thanks for that...makes me feel better. Ours is tounge and groove over joists also. And also a sag at the center of the house though we have had a new support beams put in under either side of the main joist in the part of the crawl space that you can actually get to. We've also had new sub floor installed on top of the old tounge and groove b/c sections had had past post beetle damage. The room we are looking at putting the tub in has very little bounce and didn't have much prior damage. But you also can't get under that part of the house to see what the real deal is. Anyway, I still want to get that friend to come out but I feel better knowing someone else with similar floor issues has done the tub w/o falling thru.
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We have a 1910 home with just tongue & groove over joists too. I ended up with my fishy pool in the kitchen which has concrete board and tile over everything else! The floor held just fine, I had my dad check it out before hand and it was fine.
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