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have a cold - supply dip

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i've got a heck of a cold and am having a hard time pumping as much as i need for dd. i've got a giant freezer stash, so i'm not super stressed. but i'd like to know what your experience has been with a dip in supply with an illness. did it bounce back when you got better? or did you really need to work at getting it back up?
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I think I had a couple of bad colds that really decreased my supply. I just tried to nurse more often (well, DD was asking for more!) and my supply returned on its own, before I felt totally better from the cold. I was like, hmm, milk is back, so I am probaly getting better as well! Also your milk will protect your baby from getting your cold, so keep nursing! (A friend thought she had to not breastfeed during her bad cold and ended up having to exclusively pump after, which was really hard for her). Good luck & hope you feel better soon!
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thanks for your response, we're nursing a lot. and i'm drinking mother's milk tea and eating oats. i'm not worried about dd catching it, because she's the one who gave it to me haha.
her version of this cold was so much milder than mine! i'm glad she has the magic mama milk to keep her healthy
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I remember the supply dips that came with having a cold. It sounds like you're doing all the right things to bring it back quickly. Keep nursing, drink extra water, and rest as much as you can with a baby .

My supply always came back within a couple of days of kicking the cold. Hope you feel better!
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I was one of those super lucky moms who had problems with supply when I was in perfect health! Pumping made things even harder to keep my supply up.

Thennnn I would get sick. Lord I would panic. Or try not to because that would make it EVER WORSE.

So yes, totally normal. Just keep up your fluids and suppliment with some mothers milk tea or tonic from Traditional Medicinals and Herb Pharm. Helped me a ton!
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thanks ladies, i think i've progressed to a sinus infection so i'm off to the dr. poo.
i miss the drugs i could take (decongestants, nyquil) before being pregnant then nursing i didn't taken them often, but when you really need them, they're the best. my sinuses have been completely blocked and swollen for 24 hours and last night i was having trouble breathing through my mouth because of chest congestion. i couldn't sleep.
ok, thanks for letting me whine.

i've worked to get my supply back up before. i can do it again.

and barbie, *love* your avatar
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