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Consipation and Colon Cleanse??

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My DS is now 8 months old. I've had hemmorhoid/constipation/anal fissure issues since he was born (sorry...tmi). I'm currently taking in more fiber than I ever have (from choosing high fiber breads/foods to fiber supplements and prunes) every day and drinking tons of water. While this has made a little difference, it's not making enough of one and I think my system may just be really backed up. I'm thinking a colon cleanse may be an option to solve my problems. Not sure though...I just want to get back to normal!! I'm still nursing my DS a little (2x a day/2x at night) and that's probably my main concern. I don't know if the 2 together are a problem. Also, does anyone know of a more natural colon cleanse brand that they've liked? I'm kind of at the end of my rope here. Anything helps!! TIA
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not a big fan of colon cleanses over here, or fiber for hemorrhoids. I actually feel that the cleanses can at times create more problems than they could heal. I'd personally choose homeopathy and cell salts as my primary treatments along with diet.

How often do you have bowel movements? What's the quality when you do? Are you taking any supplements?
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Until recently I was only having a bm every 5 days or so. As of about a week ago, I'm now at about every other day, which is a huge improvement for me. They feel really hard and are very painful. I'm using a hemorrhoid cream and am taking a fiber supplement (Citrucel). I've been doing both for weeks now as well as adding quite a bit of fiber into my diet and increasing my water intake. I'm just getting frustrated and am thinking maybe I just need to clear everything out and then maybe what I'm doing will work... ??? I don't know...
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I'd think about strengthening the vascular system. I have used a combination remedy that is very low potency for hemorrhoids that people love, as well as cell salt combinations that strengthen the veins. I'd swap out citrucel for naturalcalm (a magnesium supplement) and work to create some balance in your gut. Castor oil packs would be wonderful (i'm going to make that my tag line soon...I'm the castor oil queen) and maybe some digestive enzymes until you are in a better place.

The other thing to look at seriously is your diet. If you are eating something your body is sensitive to then removing it could change everything.

Best of luck!
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