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making my own dipes. hold my hand please!

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YIKES. I used to sew a lot years ago. I think I am going to take the plunge and make some dipes. I have read some about the famous RRP pattern. (rita's rump pocket ).....I am wanting to make some dipes that are


and I would LOVE it if they had a waterproof layer on the outside so I don't have to fool with a cover. I don't mind stuffing dipes, but I DO mind fooling with a dipe AND a cover. It just makes me bonkers.

so, can I make the RRP pattern wtih fleece or Pul on the outside??? do you think that would work????

and, if not, please link me to a pattern that would work to make it waterproof.

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Yes, you can. I prefer to find something 100% polyester for the inside if I do outside of fleece or PUL (I get ours at JAs). Like suedecloth for the inner. That way you don't have to worry too much about the legs rolling in like they are supposed to.

I also have some Cloth Revolution pockets that I like.

Most of our stash is two layers of flannel pocket RRPs. I love how many different cute diapers I can make from them. We do use pins, but we store them in a bar of soap and they slide in really easy.

Most of our covers are store bought (Thirsties, Bummis Super Brites, etc) but some are homemade PUL covers, now that JAs sells it, it's a lot easier to get IMO.

I guess just let me know any specific questions you have - pretty much all of our diapers are homemade and either RRP or Cloth Revolution.

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what is JAs? would love a link!

also, a link to cloth revolution? I am thinking that is type of diy diaper??

TYSM for your response!`

so, I am still stuck on the thought of making a RRP that has its own built in cover. would you suggest I do fleece or PUL ? which works better ?

also, I don't understand what you suggest polyester for the inside if using fleece or PUL on the outside. you said it keeps it from rolling the way it should? I would love a bit more explanation on that. TYSM!!
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JA's = JoAnn's - a fabric store, you can order online, but I prefer to go to our local store

Cloth Revolution http://themafiatutu.blogspot.com/search/label/Pattern

I think both work fine. PUL works a little better because there is not compression leaking (when the baby is pressed against the fabric- - the wetness will sometimes seep through the fleece but the fleece still feels dry)

The polyester works as a wicking layer, lots of people use suedecloth or microfleece. This keeps the baby dry when the inside layers are wet. It also keeps the clothes from getting damp if the legs to roll in properly (meaning the inside fabric touches the clothees instead of just the outside fabric).

I'm going to PM you!
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There is a diaper-making forum here, you'd probably get more responses if you ask your questions there.
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