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Attachment Parenting network?

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We have been living in Central Scotland for about 9 months (American transplants), I have yet to find any mom or family that is remotely like minded.
I am going to try connecting with some local cloth diapering people and hopefully there will be someone there.

My question is, does anyone know of an established attachment parenting network?
I feel like I need to offer a class on the attachment parenting lifestyle to give the science and heart behind it. The few times I have mentioned our parenting style to moms I have become friends with, I get the feeling its very abnormal in this area. I know there MUST be other like minded families!

Maybe I should also try to connect with the homebirth community as well. (that would make sense because I am a homebirth midwife in the States, I have just felt shy)

Time for me to get out there and finally try to make friends

I would appreciate any suggestions!!!
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There is the NNN - natural nurturing network http://www.naturalnurturing.org.uk/news.aspx

Have a look at yahoo groups

I met most of the people like me through home education groups, do your children go to school? 

Maybe the NCT (national childbirth trust) - they should do something near you, although they are  not that crunchy as a whole.

Maybe http://www.laleche.org.uk/

I think once you meet one or two like minded people it is easier to search out more.

Good luck


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whereabouts in Central Scotland are you?  I'd second NCT as a good place to start.  Having lived in America (Texas) for the two years I encountered the term attachment parenting for the first time ("crunchy" was new to me too!).  It isn't that people don't follow these sorts of parenting practices here, just that they don't seem to group together in the same way -  I think maybe that with midwives and more natural/less medicalised births being more the norm here, people don't feel the need to put a label on it or form groups.  I know it's frustrating not being able to find like minded friends though.  I made great use of the meetup.com resource in the states to find other local moms groups and have missed that here (it does exist but is nowhere near as comprehensive).  I would say connecting with the homebirth community is a great idea and maybe starting your own yahoo group or community group where you invite other likeminded parents to get together.  Good luck.

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I am an American living in Wales. My husband is Welsh.  I am just 6 weeks pregnant but inhaling a sorts of books.  Can you tell me a good resource for Attachement Parenting. I keep hearing the term, but haven't a clue what it is. I'd love to know what the best book is on the subject.

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We're Americans living just outside of London in Richmond, Surry (moved just a few weeks ago from Central London). Although I haven't officially studied or read books on attachment parenting I believe my husband and I fall into that category almost 100%! I have a very good friend in the US who parents the same way but have yet to find friends here who do (though I'm sure they're out there - just don't have that many friends here in general yet!)  I do like Dr Sears' website and what he has to say about attachment parenting. I have a daughter who is 2-and-a-half and I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. When I first had my daughter, I think I had every 'traditional' book out there (Dr. Spock - given to me by my MIL), Penelope Leach (I like her actually), The baby whisperer (did not like), and more! and I actually found reading them stressful! At the end of the day, I just did what felt natural and nurturing.  I feel like the nice thing about attachment parenting is that so much of the philosophy is based on trusting the mother's instinct!



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Oops, meant Richmond, Surrey (sp)

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