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IF you're finding out the sex(es)...

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What week are you planning to go in? I'm anxious to know, and our sonographer is well known for early and accurate determinations, so I'm thinking 18 weeks, but just wanted to see when everyone else was going in!
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I'm going next week at 16 weeks 1 day.
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Man, now you're making me wanna go in earlier!! lol I want to know soooo badly- I feel like I can't buy anything until I know what they are! It's driving me nuts Maybe I'll go in earlier. I have an appt with my M/W on Monday, and she's pretty curious herself, so maybe we'll go in earlier. It will be my last sono until the 3rd tri, so I want to make absolutely sure we can see all the bits and pieces
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I'll be 15w on Saturday and I'm planning to go the week before Thanksgiving which would put me at 18w+. I don't want to go the week of Thanksgiving because it will be so crazy! I go to the dr next week and they'll schedule the u/s then.
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20 weeks.
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I'd love to go in on week 18 (which starts next Thursday!), but my midwife wants me to wait till week 19 or 20 as we're doubling up with the anatomy scan. She says the further along the baby is, the easier it is to see and make a better assessment. So, it's two to three weeks from now.
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My one & only u/s will be at 20 weeks so if baby cooperates we will find out at our next appointment after that (22 weeks). I didn't have any choice in the scheduling of the u/s.
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we're doing the anatomy scan at 18w6d and will find out the sex then.
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I'll have to take whatever appointment Radiology has to offer. I go back in Friday, and I am hoping that they will go ahead and put the order in, so I can call and schedule the anatomy scan. Last time, they put the order in around 19w, but there wasn't an appointment open until I was 24w.
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19 or 20 weeks. My mw told me that there are some things that could look like a problem earlier than that (anatomy scan wise) but naturally resolve by 19 weeks or so, so she said it was best to wait until then.
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Nanette, I totally don't want to be an enabler here , but I'm having weekly US bc of my bleeding. I had one this week at 14w4d and I was told that they are 100% certain of BOTH of my babies' sexes. :drop

I'm trying not to get super attached, bc even tho they said CERTAIN (they even put it in my chart), I just can't believe they can know that early, kwim?
I have a US next Tues, if I'm told the same sexes, then I'll get attached.
That'll be my last weekly US, baring anymore complications, and then we'll wait for our 20wk anatomy scan- TBH, I probably won't fully believe sexes until then.

IRC, the commercial US places around here start USs for sex at 15weeks. My SIL found out at 14w6d. They were right....
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Babygrey ACK! You ARE an enabler, you bad girl!! I'm so happy to hear everything's ok- I was waiting on you to update your thread, and didn't hear from you! Did they figure out what the bleeding was from? And what are they saying you're having?? I'll live vicariously for now I know you said they thought one was a boy...
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22 weeks, I schedule appointments every 6 weeks instead of every 4 so they would do it at 20 weeks but I won't go in then.
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I will be 19+2, and we are also doing anatomy scan.
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