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We get them all the way up to high school, but at our house, we only give candy if you're actually in a costume. We're in a big plan of a neighborhood, though, and get SWARMS of people.

This year, we haven't figured out how to handle it, since ToTing will be during our sons' birthday party.
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This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, so I will try to keep it under control.

I think most teens are great. I get really sick of people who complain about how tweens/teens are "growing up too fast" and then turn around and complain when 12+ year old kids are playing on the toys at the playground. Or doing something like trick or treating. DD is in 7th grade this year and going to a party where they will be trick or treating (the party is from 4:30-9 so they won't be out super late). I know they won't be causing trouble and i hope no one gives them "guff" for being too old! They're excited about carving pumpkins (another kid is having a pumpkin carving party this Friday), dressing up and going trick or treating! Why shouldn't they be? I hope she wants to do the same thing for several more years. I was really disappointed because one of her best friends (who is in 6th grade) was informed by her parents that this is her last year to ToT becasue she is getting too old

Originally Posted by NiteNicole View Post
I can't imagine discouraging a child who still wants to go. Here, we get a huge age range - from teeny babies who are asleep in mom's arms to teenagers. As long as everyone is polite, I am fine with it. Who doesn't like free candy?
Originally Posted by philomom View Post
I don't mind the teenagers if they are dressed up in costume and still ask nicely.

We actually turn off our house lights around 8-9 and just leave a bucket of candy out for the older kids.
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I don't care at all if teenagers ToT at our house. We don't get many kids, though, b/c the houses are further apart, and there are neighborhoods with paved roads nearby.

I remember dressing up and going out for candy through junior high. After that, we enjoyed parties and haunted house more than ToT'ing.
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I went into college (with friends in high school). We had people (usually old people) who refused to give us candy saying we were too old.
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I trick or treated up to and including my senior year of high school. I was 17 that Halloween.

Mentally, I suppose, my guideline is Trick or Treating is acceptable, (out in a regular, non-college town neighborhood, for yourself) until you reach the age where you would technically be in college. Usually you will be 18 or older at that point. Once college age, Trick or Treating in neighborhoods (or dorms) with a lot of other people about the same age as you is fine, if they are doing it. Taking younger kids out Trick or Treating in a regular, non-college neighborhood and accepting candy if you are offered is fine. I feel funny about college age kids ASKING for candy in a regular, non-college oriented neighborhood. But it would also depend on the kid and the circumstances, I guess.

My rule is 1 piece of candy per person, and they must have at least made an attempt at a costume.

Now, adults of ANY age in costume, out Trick or Treating with their kids, or adults that I know personally, get offered candy.

I love the holiday, and am doing what I can to encourage more Trick or Treaters to come to our neighborhood.

We've also seen Halloween as a great time for us to see people that we don't always see the rest of the year. For many years, I've made the trek back to my hometown, and taken MY kids Trick or Treating there, just so I could get a chance to say hi to people I've known since my child hood. They've watched me, and now, my kids, grow up, that way. We haven't done it the past 2 years, and I always have a tinge of sadness about it.
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Middle School

When I was growing up, kids usually stopped between grade 7 and 9. Grade 8 was the last year that I went. I would have gone in grade 9, but my mom thought that I was too old. Plenty of my friends went. Kids who went in grade 10 and 11 were mostly punk kids who went out late just to walk around, didn't have costumes, were looking to smash pumpkins, etc.

Tragically, I think for a lot of people feel that there is a height cutoff for trick or treating. They get snarky at kids who look too old. If you're 14 and short it's okay. 11 and tall is bad you get skeptical looks.

I'm with others that any person who is polite and in a costume can have candy.

We only hand out candy until sometime between 8pm and 9pm too.
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I'll give out treats to anyone in costume.
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Generally, I'd say middle school, but I don't mind shelling out to teens if they are pleasant and in costume. We've lived in a few neighbourhoods where there was little trick-or-treat traffic. I'm happy to give out the candy to anyone who wants it, rather than be left with bowls to consume ourselves or take to work and get rid of it there.
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I think trick-or-treating is good clean fun and I don't mind teenagers coming to our house on Halloween. I think its only fair to expect them to dress up, or at least make an attempt at a costume like a PP said.
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Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
I'll give out treats to anyone in costume.
Same here. We get hundreds of trick-or-treaters and its a really fun night for our neighborhood.
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My last year trick-or-treating was at 17 as the rear end to my 14 year old sister's horse (parents weren't home, we were bored and threw it together in 30 minutes). People loved it because it was so home made

At University we used to go trick or treating for the food bank and ask for canned and dry goods. Always got a good response and we had a great time dressing up.
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Originally Posted by RoamingWidgeteer View Post
At University we used to go trick or treating for the food bank and ask for canned and dry goods. Always got a good response and we had a great time dressing up.
This is an absolutely AWESOME idea!
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I went TOT until I was about 13 or 14 and then I took my brother and sister, but didn't go up to the doors. We get tons of people come by and we give candy to all of them regardless of age or costume. It typically starts early right around 330-400pm and we keep going until 800pm when DD goes to bed. She might get to stay up a bit later this year so we'll probably hand out candy until 830pm this year.

When I was a kid, we used to have lots of kids egg in our neighborhood. To the point that the local stores, wouldn't sell eggs to unaccompanied minors! But I haven't really noticed that much lately in recent years. The kids around here all seem to be really decent.
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I know I went in like 7th grade (the first year of middle school) and that might have been it... pretty soon it was all about the teen theater company's yearly party, which my family was often in charge of. But even that last year, there was all kinds of debate about whether everyone was going or not, we were all aware that we were aging out of it, but some kids still did and some didn't. But a friend of mine and I got all dressed up in fancy costumes and painted our faces or made masks and did it up right. I don't mind if teens come so long as they are in costumes, behaving nicely (especially as they pass by younger kiddos), and stop ringing our bell at a decent time/when we turn off our light. I'm thinking this year we'll put up a sign over the bell/on the door when we turn off the light, and hopefully reduce the number of late-night TOTers. That's just rude. But kids wanting to have fun, I think that's great.
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I went up until about age 13 or so.

The only thing about teens that I sometimes find objectionable is they come later than I would really like to be answering the door.
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I know for sure I went in either 7th or 8th grade with some friends. The reason I remember is I wore a witch costume with high heels and I twisted my ankle, which resulted in me getting out of what I considered "embarrassing and stupid" mandatory square dancing in gym the next week or so.

That I am pretty sure was the last year I went until I went to college--my first year in college, a bunch of us went around the neighborhood there. I don't remember what we were, but I know we were dressed up, not rude, and we got stuff

DS2 was *almost 1* last year and dressed up and a lot of people insisted that I take an extra candy for him even though I did not have his own bucket and lots of people were handing out stuff he couldn't even eat (candy with nuts, etc) I had him dressed up cause "well why not?" and because I found him a super-cute peanut outfit--for my Peanut. I *had* to do it So who's the Snickers for, ME or the child with two teeth?
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For those of you who only give candy for people who have costumes, do you just say no and close the door if they don't? I just wonder. I am not that assertive and I would be afraid that my house would get egged or something.

Where we live, the rule is that you can't go once you hit 13 years old. I have no idea how it is enforced, though, but that is the rule.
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I feel that as long as they make the effort to dress up in a costume, then they should be allowed to continue through high school age. That is the way we were brought up anyways.
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I don't care how old people are as long as they're dressed up. You can be 5 or 15, but you'd better be wearing a costume.
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