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Which sling should I get?

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I have a 3 week old. We are using a Beco and the Moby, but would like to get a sling as well for the ease of putting her in and out. I want one that is comfortable for both of us (obviously) and that will grow with her. Also, I'd like my husband to be able to use it without too much adjusting, if that is possible. We are both larger, but he is 6'3 and 270. Also, I don't want to spend too much money.

Anyone have any recommendations? Is buying a padded sling worth it? Do you love your sling?
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We have a couple of Continuum Family pouch slings and a ring sling (can't remember the brand).

I don't love them. We couldn't use the pouch slings at all until recently as J didn't like to lie down (we didn't get the RS until she was older). Now she is big enough to use them as hip carriers I find they hurt my shoulder after a very short while. The RS is better but only a bit, I do a kind of half hip, half tummy-to-tummy in it. J is less comfortable in them as well. Not sure if that's her preference or whether she's responding to my discomfort.

Knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn't have bothered with them, I am clearly a 2-shoulder carry kind of girl. In fact I've just ordered a Beco Gemini
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I have a Balboa sling and a Sleeping Baby Productions sling. I love both of them, but DS has already out-grown the Balboa at 5 mo. old and 15#. My SBP sling is still great, though! Very, very comfortable even when I'm carrying DS for long periods of time. I think the pleated shoulder really helps distribute DS's weight more evenly. I bought my SBP sling on-line, used, for $30. They are among the most affordable slings, even new.
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I have to second a Sleeping Baby sling. With DS1 I had a Maya RS and a WHAM solarveil RS. Hated them. But this time I just felt like I needed a RS and tried SBP, and LOVE. The shoulder makes all the difference in terms of comfort. I got a new linen, and it was very affordable.
There is a learning curve - I got discouraged at first and thought that I'd end up never using it. But after a few tries, I did get the hang of it, kind of like riding a bike. Once you get it, it is super easy.
An RS is the most adjustable sling you can get. But honestly, don't get any carrier in hopes of the DH using it too. If he is asking for a carrier he can use too, then great. But if you are just hoping he'll wear the baby, then get what you want. My DH could use 3 of the carries I have, and never does, despite him saying "sure, I'll try them". He prefers his arms to any carrier.

As for a pouch... I'm not really a fan. Or rather, my son is not. He's too little to be anything other than reclined in a pouch (I have a Hotsling) and he generally hates that. With an RS, I can have him up on my chest, which he adores. There are just more options with an RS. And pouches must be the correct size, so you cannot share with a different sized person (and if you gain/lose weight you need a new pouch).
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