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I really want to find out but DH prob won't. Since I'll prob be the only one there, I may just find out and not tell Our province is now supposedly charging $50 if you want to find out the gender (the u/s is covered , they just won't tell you boy or girl) - a major cash grab - but I still want to know. I guess they figure people are paying for the 3d u/s they might as well make a buck.
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I'm not sure yet. This is #3 and for the first 2 I could not wait to find out. I just had to know asap! Even before getting pregnant this time around dh and I talked about waiting to find out. As of right now I still want to wait but when that 18 week sono rolls around I might change my mind! We have 2 girls. I don't have a preference. Either way would be great.
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I haven't decided yet. I'd kinda like to, because of knitting - I'm partway through my second green item. Both things I've knitted so far are gender-neutral, but a lot of the patterns I like aren't - and I don't just mean "pink vs blue". There are some really chunky, "manly" little vests that would look a bit severe on a girl baby, and I have an idea for a gorgeous pink Celtic-knot-cabled pinafore I'd like to do for a girl. I know the baby itself won't care, but I don't want to miss out on all the lovely not-gender-neutral patterns out there. (The chances of me having time/energy to knit after the baby's born are.... slim.)

The only thing that's stopping me is disapproval from my mum and sister, who both seem to feel it's morally virtuous to be surprised. My sister said it would be "a pity" to find out, and Mum made clucking noises and said she always liked to be surprised after labour. Which was actually my reasoning with DD, but to be honest, at the end of MY labour she would have had to be a magical unicorn baby to get much of a reaction.

I may brave their disapproval out of sheer persnicketiness. We'll see. It annoys me that they think it's a moral issue - I mean, come on, Mum HAD ultrasounds with all of us and was happy to not be "surprised" by our femur lengths and kidney structures! But anyhoo.

DH is pretty prosaic about it - thinks it would be handy to find out ahead of time in terms of clothing and thinking of names. I don't think he'd care if I decided not to, though. We definitely won't do a 3D ultrasound or an extra ultrasound just to peek, but I do plan on having the 20-week anatomy scan.

I guess I do have a preference, kinda, but nothing unto death. I think it'd be nice for DD to have a sister - I have five and no brothers, so I'm much more familiar with girls and think it'd be sad if she missed out on a close-in-age sister relationship. And of course, we have lots of girl clothes... and again, I have a slight suspicion some members of my family might vaguely disapprove of me having a boy, as if having girls is also morally virtuous! (My family is weeeeeeird.)

On the other hand, I've finally found a few boys' names I really like - Liam, Linden, Lachlan and a few others - and I don't have a strong candidate for a favourite girls' name right now. So that kinda sways me towards boy. And I have found a few patterns online recently that dispelled my "sewing for boys is no fun" mentality. So I wouldn't mind having a boy, I'd just have to adjust my ideas a bit.

Right now I think I want 3 children minimum, or 4 maximum. If I had a second girl I think I'd be really cruisey about the sex of the next two... whereas if this baby was a boy, I might be a little panicked during the next pregnancy or two, hoping I got another girl. Then again, I might decide I like parenting boys better! Who knows.

(Oops, sorry for the novel!)
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Haha. Love your posts, Smokering.
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I'm undecided. Husband wants to know ASAP; I can see the appeal in a surprise at the birth, but I can also see the appeal in advance notice. I don't think I'll push it. I'm going with a midwife and no OB, so there won't be any automatic ultrasounds; I think we'll just wait and see if we need an ultrasound for any other reason, and make our choice then.

I have a feeling it's a girl though. (Which means it's probably a boy.)
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We're going for the surprise. I just love that moment...
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we found out with the first (ds) because dh really wanted to know. i told him i want to be surprised at birth with this one. but since we haven't told people yet, i'm not sure if i will cave to pressure to find out. i just want to have the experience of giving birth and finding out then... esp since i'm hoping to vbac, it would make the whole thing more in line with my hopes for the birth process than the last time was. not that i am all hung up on it, but would love to have different experience this time.
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It's still really early and just sinking in that I'm even pregnant, so I haven't thought too much about it or discussed it with DP. I'm leaning towards being surprised, though.

We were surprised with DD1 and found out from the US with DD2. With DD1, her dad told me, "It's Sage. She's a girl," which was a nicer way of finding out than the US tech searching for genitalia. :P
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I think this one will be a surprise. We didn't know with dd but we did find out with ds. It doesn't really matter to me this time. I do have a strong feeling it's a girl though.
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We found out with the first two but this one I really want to be a surprise. We are having our first homebirth and were not going to have an u/s so it was going to be easy but now the midwife wants me to have a level 2 u/s since we have with the other two (no complications with the other two just a family hx of spina bifida) Hubby said he won't push the issue if I don't want to know but midwife said to really let the u/s place know we do not want to know esp since they will post it everywhere on all paperwork. My mom really wants to know and said she will come to the u/s with me find out and not tell me, but that is not going to happen... LOL
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Oh and no intuition what the baby is yet, a boy or girl.... I keep going back and forth since I already have one of each I am having mixed symptoms this time. I kind of do think it is a boy though but really do not care about having a boy or girl this time. Either one is fine! Just praying this baby is healthy and full term!!!
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i'm hoping for a surprise, but dh really wants to know. with ds during the 20 wk u/s he positioned himself so that the tech couldn't take accurate pics of the genital region. i was sooo happy. i'm hoping to talk the lo into following suit or otherwise telling dh too bad. he will have to wait. the tech i had before said she went with the mothers wishes (maybe we will have her again).
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intuition said girl to me, but we will see. when i was pg with ds i had dreams that he was a boy and then later a girl. but in the end i think that i knew he was a boy.
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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post
On the other hand, I've finally found a few boys' names I really like - Liam, Linden, Lachlan and a few others .
I these
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We will, I am defintely not a wait and see person. I think I would go nuts if I didn't find out.
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I want to wait. We found out with both of our children. I think it would be neat to wait and see. My husband though is totally against this. So maybe he might just find out and keep it a secret although its kind of impossible to keep stuff from each other lol. So in reality we will probably find out at the 20 week us.
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We will wait to find out when the baby is born. All three of our daughters were surprises. It is likely we will have another girl, I would imagine! Not knowing actually gets me through transition because I am SO CURIOUS!
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We're finding out at birth too. I am going to have the 20 week u/s but close my eyes if they focus on that area.
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Want it to be a surprise. Undecided on u/s yet. Friends have said I'll get tired of receiving green and yellow baby things, but I disagree. Knitting for now has been okay for gender neutral, although I'm sure at some point I'll knit gender specific and just sell or save what I don't use.
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Originally Posted by crisamomma View Post
Not knowing actually gets me through transition because I am SO CURIOUS!

We haven't found out with any of ours and will not find out this time. I love to learn at the moment of birth!
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