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Bloomington IN and renting

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Anyone do that? Do you like your landlords? If so, PM me their names.

I'm beginning to really HATE that dh might be getting a promotion at work. It's going to either cost in time or it's going to bump our living expenses up more than his salary increase.

If you're in Bloomington and clicked out of curiosity, talk up your town. Why would a 2 year old want to live there?
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I don't live there anymore, (but I have a rental property if interested) and I miss it oh so much.

It is a great, if not the best place for a 2 year old. Lots and maybe millions of activities for kidos. I can think of at least 10 right now, but I'm sure there are a lot more.

Places are usually toddler friendly, there is a big community of crunchy mamas, you should check the BABS page (Bloomington area birth services).

Outdoors are lovely, there are parks everywhere. Town is really open-minded in general. Farmers market, lotus festival, street art fairs, wonder lab (not great but it is something), lake griffy, lemon lake, cascades park..

I can go on and on, but really is a great place, I would love to go back there. Are you moving soon? Do you have any particular question about it?
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That's basically why I'm feeling like throwing things at a wall.

We could move "now" 30 days notice, pay the fine for breaking the lease. That way dh would only have to commute Btown/Indy two days a week instead of three (and maybe even less) and we could ride up with him to go to CMI and see our Indy friends.

We could move after the job is official (someone who spoke to his boss's boss has told him the boss's boss said the job will be his)--sometime in December. And pay the fine AND have all that time with dh driving 3 hours a day, but have the extra salary to back things up.

We could move next July. And have lots of extra stress for dh's driving, but no fine and the extra salary.

Sorry, bit of a rant there. I would love to hear about your rental property.
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I guess I'm mostly frustrated because we just got friends in walking distance of us. And our other friends are probably going to move to Indy in the next year. And just in time for that, we're going to have this long period where I can only go places I can walk or take the craptastic Indy bus system (Buses only every 1/2 hour or HOUR and you basically HAVE to route through down town.)

Followed by moving 90 minutes away.
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we use to live there and will be moving back in 2 1/2 years. We both really miss being there. Rent right near campus and downtown is going to run higher because landlords are used to renting to several college students who split the cost. You'll probably be hard pressed to find an available house right now because it is fall semester. Usually rental signs go up during spring semester for moving in in august. The further you get from campus the cheaper and more available they will be but you'll also be further from everything. When we lived there we owned a house on the far west side which we bought because housing prices are so much higher downtown but then during rush hour it took us 45 minutes to make a five minute commute.

(this is autumn from indyap by the way)
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A lot of people commute, but I find commuting during the winter to be a pain. Specially since last year Bloomington city decided they didn't want to pay over time to have the streets cleaned in non-office hours.

Can you find someone to take your lease? How high is the fee for early vacant of your rental?

If the problem is commuting I would probably go for whatever option gives you less commuting, but that's just my view.

good luck!
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Two months rent. (grrrrr)

Dh, the one who has to do the commuting, is hoping to move in January.

We have a Prius, so the travel bonus thing he gets more than covers gas, so that's nice.

by the way, I would still like to hear about your rental property.
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I was just driving home from DS's music lessons and saw an adorable 3 BR bungalow for rent on 2nd St. Want me to cruise by it tomorrow and get the contact information for you? They had a For Rent sign up in the yard.
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
I was just driving home from DS's music lessons and saw an adorable 3 BR bungalow for rent on 2nd St. Want me to cruise by it tomorrow and get the contact information for you? They had a For Rent sign up in the yard.
Yes please! Thank you!
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan View Post
Yes please! Thank you!
Will do .
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PM with contact info sent .
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Just sent you a PM, don't know if it did deliver, this new software is weird on me.



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Originally Posted by Cuau View Post

Just sent you a PM, don't know if it did deliver, this new software is weird on me.



Unfortunately, I'm not seeing a PM. I'll double check and then let's both post about it in the questions and suggestions thread.

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I live in Bloomington.  We love it here.  It is a wonderful place to be a kid!  We also rent and unfortunately, I don't have any positive experiences to share with you in that regard.  We currently rent from a nightmare of a company. 


This time of year could be a trickier time to rent.  A lot of the landlords have it set up so that leases expire in the spring to late summer to accommodate students.

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We're hoping to get someone who lost a tenant due to Dec. grad. And/or someone who wants a IU staff member.


Of course, nothing can move at all until we have confirmation on dh's promotion (touch wood).

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When my parents moved to Bloomington (I was 11) they rented for a few years - I think they found their house through a service that IU provides to faculty even though neither of them worked for IU at the time. Certainly would be worth looking into for sure.  We had a nice house about 15 mins from everything, basement, 3 bedrooms, nice sized lot, for about $1100/mo I think (this was about 13 years ago tho).


I loved growing up in Bton - tons of things to do, nice public transportation once I was old enough (I took the city bus from jr. high to the public library once/wk), decent schools, nice opportunities for community service, outdoor exploration, arts, farmers market, etc.  My parents still love Bloomington and I always compare every town we look at moving to to Bton. ;)

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I just saw this again, are you still looking for a place?

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The link to the resource I mentioned above: http://www.indiana.edu/~vpfaa/prospective_faculty/housingAll.shtml


And the landlord a friend of my mom's had good experiences with: Hoosier Hideaways (866) 377-7063


Her comments: "My landlord for the last year has been "Hoosier Hideaways". They've been pleasant to work with and professional. They are not particularly speedy on responding to maintenance requests, but the work does get done eventually.They were proactive about letting me know information that would be important to me - including rules for the use of the pool, time to renew my lease, etc.I don't know if they handle detached homes, but for sure they handle townhomes."



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           Don't know if this is still going but...I currently live in Bloomington and love it! Great place for kids of all ages. Bloomington is also a good place to live if you rely on public transportation.  If you live in town bus stops are all over, usually every block or two! In most cases the drivers will help you with your stroller if you are using one!! About the rental situation, I have rented for 10 years here and have found a couple excellent landlords. Jeanne Walters is who we rent with now, she is wonderful! Maintenance is a little slow in responding, however if you do any small repairs yourself you can simply send in the receipts for items purchased as well as a fair account of time spent on the project and the cost will be taken off of rent no questions asked! Last summer our washing machine broke and Jeannie knew we were expecting a baby and planning to use cloth diapers..so she bought us a brand new HE washer to save us money !! Simply great person in general. Hope this helped, I would really suggest calling Jeanne Walters realty! Good Luck!    





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Eep! How have I not been seeing updates to this?


Thanks for the resources everyone!  We're waiting to hear (touch wood) about dh's promotion before arranging to move, but as soon as we get word on that (hoping to hear something shortly after the first of the year) dd and I'll be commuting down to b-town with him and looking around at places.


Any chance there's a neighborhood with a group of APing toddler/preschooler families?

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