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My kids are still too young for Spongebob, not to mention we don't have cable (have netflix though). At 2.5, I really don't care for DS to watch most of the programming on TV. Right now DS is very sheltered in that he is home with me all day and has limited interaction with other children. We go to playgroups about twice a month and playdates with a friend and her two kids once a week. I have "banned" Thomas the Train because the trains were being mean to each other and since DS has not experience meanness yet, I do not want him to learn that from a tv show. I also don't appreciate any shows that have the kids being afraid. DS has only shown fear to dogs and that was for a brief time period. I don't want him learning that hey - I can be afraid of the dark, you know what I mean? After he has learned all this through life experience, then I will be more okay with him learning the life lessons on tv.

Right now he is allowed to watch on a rotating basis: Sesame Street, Barney, Super Why, and Dinosaur Train.