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Food Blogs?

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So whatcha reading food-blog wise? I need some good reading/inspiration, preferably sort of healthy

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I think this link should show my list of food blogs I look at in Google Reader.
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Those are my 5 favorite.
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simply recipes
101 recipes
chocolate and zucchini
pioneer woman cooks
gluten-free girl and the chef
engineer baker
food in jars (more canning related)
in Jennie's kitchen
the kitchen sink recipes.com
the decorated cookie
i am baker
joy the baker
local kitchen
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These are some of my favorites:

Smitten Kitchen
Joy the Baker
Healthy Food For Living
A Year in the Kitchen

Picky Palate

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simplyrecipes is probably my favorite, I cook a lot of her recipes and many are in permenant rotation at our house.

I read the Pioneerwoman but I am sort of lukewarm on some of recipes. I enjoy the overall site.

I used to find some good ones on CityMomma but it is more of a regular blog site then a cooking site.

I really enjoy CheapHealthyGood. I don't cook much from it but I really like the content.

The steamykitchen is fun.
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I especially love Fab Frugal Food and the Noble Pig.
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I look at the pioneer woman's recipes but I can't use most of them because of a dairy allergy and those I have tried have been so-so.
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Smitten Kitchen

Steamy Kitchen

PioneerWoman Cooks

Crockpot 365

Food In Jars

Edited to add: Apartment Therapy - Cooking
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Oh thanks ladies! I'm off (with a cup of tea) to check these out and hopefully be inspired!
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subbing too
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