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Name spin-off...Do your kids' names "match"?

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Not necessarily like "Julie" and "Julian" or "Simon" and "Garfunkel" but, when you chose your 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or so on) kid's names, did you consider your first child's name and how they fit together?
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Yes, though we didn't set out to do it. Dd1 and dd2 had "matching" names without us thinking about it, then it seemed like dd3 should, too. We didn't "match" ds's name with theirs, but if we have any more boys, we'll give them the "n" ending, too. We also stick with Irish/Scottish/English origin.
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Yeah.... our first ds1's name means water... so our 2nd ds' name means fire. That way they can put themselves out
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Nope, not a fan of matchy names. We purposely made sure they didn't start with the same letter or rhyme.
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Well, I really wanted River for a girl-baby this time around and couldn't have done it because it didn't 'match' with the other girl's more traditional names - we decided that Annabel, Juliet, Natalie, Margaret and River just sounded weird! Lucky he was a boy, so no regrets.

We like longer, traditional names with lots of nickname options, so they all match in that way. We didn't think too hard about meanings or anything.
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Not even slightly unless you look at the fact that they both have a double letter (not the same one) somewhere in the middle. Matching names are... uhm... not something I would do to my kids.
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We wanted names from the Hebrew Bible, but beause that is our heritage, not because we wanted them to match. I don't like the idea of matching names. The kid should be considered an individual. Just because you have a Louisa doesn't mean you can't have a Willow.
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They match in some respects, but they were not consciously chosen to sound good together or some such.
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Sort of.

Franklin is a stronger name so we wanted his brother to have something strong as well...he will be Jonathan (when he gets here!)

We also gave them both unique middle names.
Franklin Gaudelio
Jonathan Boswell
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None of my childrens names intentionally go together but I guess they are all older names and I think they sound nice together. Three of them have a C/K name, which was not intentional, and I did try to think of a C/K name for my other kids because of it. I almost named my second the reverse of my first (using my first son's middle name as my second son's first and vice versa) but that as just because I couldn't think of any more boys names that I liked.
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Kinda, I wanted a 4 letter name for DS because DH, mine and DD's all have 4 letters. It's kinda funny we all have and N in our name.
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Well, we only have one so far, but for our next I'm trying to go for the same... vibe? Nothing as matchy as alliteration, rhyming or whatever, but names of a similar heritage (ie ours: Anglo-Saxon/Irish/Scottish), and that just sound good together. I think it'd sound odd to have kids called, say, Tiffanee-Krystal and Gertrude... or James, John and Tyrone. You know?

F'rinstance, DD is Rowan. If this next babe is a boy I really like Robin, but I think Rowan and Robin sounds a bit funny together. Too similar. So that's out.

My parents did all Bible names for us, which is semi-noticeable because there are six of us and we're all girls. Funnily enough, the youngest is Abigail (Abby), and a lot of people don't know that's a Bible name. So we got a lot of comments about how my parents "broke the mold" or "ran out" with her. She married King David, but I guess she's not as well-known as Sarah or Ruth!
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Unfortunately, yes. They're twins and we had one girl name we liked and one boy we liked and no plans for more children so we used them. We figure they'll be together for 18 years and then on their own. Our daughter has ended up with a shortened version of her name which has helped.
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My girls have sort of matchy names but not really intentional until this one i'm having now.
They are all 5 letter names that end in A. So our requirement for a girl name this time around was it had to have a unique letter and end in A (and sound good with the others).
So we will have Keira, Anika, Maria, Jorja. The boys don't match, but the requirement IF this baby was a boy is still starting with a unique letter and can't end in the same endings as the boys names. So we were going for NOT matchy for the boys. Our boys are Cayden and Traver.
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Yes, I think they do.

All four of our children have a three-syllable first name. The first two kids both have first names with seven letters. They all have "older" names as well.

None of their names start with the same letter or rhyme, however.
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Originally Posted by weezix View Post
Our boys are Cayden and Traver.
To me, those kind of match. Where Traver and Billy wouldn't match. But, Cayden and Traver match.. or at least go together.

Does that make sense?

Our neighbors each got to pick a name for their girls. One likes very traditional names and she picked Nancy. Her wife picked Ryder for the other daughter. I had a stupid look on my face when they told me the second girl was named Ryder... (I LOVE that name) But, it just didn't match with Nancy. So.. out of pity for me, they explained that they couldn't agree on name types, so they each got one child to name.
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My first (girl) starts with a K and is two sylables, second (boy) starts with a C and has two sylables. We didn't know what either was before they were here so it just worked out that those are the names for girl/boy that pregnancy. (ds would have started with a B and had one sylable had he been a girl). We knew ds2 would be a boy and just couldn't see naming him something out of the form once we had the first two (he was unplanned but oh so welcome). We had other considerations too though. Our first two have bright red hair and there isn't any on either side of the families going back at least three generations. So we just couldn't name him something very differrent and then what if he didn't have red hair? He has very strawberry blonde hair but his name is oh so him!
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My girls are Everly and Maisie. I think they go together but aren't super matchy.
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Our boys' names start with M and N. We are continually asked if this baby will have an "O" name. It doesn't really help that my niece's name starts with L!

My sister and I have matchy names: Courtney and Whitney. Not a huge fan!
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