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I only think they go together because they are said often together, yk? But they all four have 2-syllables, and the 3 boys' names end in N. That's all I can come up with.

(Denae, Nathan, Jayden, and Lincoln)
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I had to post to this because my DS REALLY REALLY REALLY wants matching names with his brother. As in he wants the new baby to share his first and last name.
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Yes, sort of. Both are farmer child kind of names. Easy to spell, easy to say and easy on the eyes when written on paper.
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My kids names do match. We didn't plan it with the first two. We had always said that for a boy we liked the name Elijah and for a girl we liked Olivia. So we had the boy first and named him Elijah and then when we had a girl we went with Olivia. Afterwards we realized they are kind of matchy. They both start with a vowel, they both have an L as the second letter/sound, and they both end with the ah sound. So when we were pregnant with our third we kind of tried to stick with the theme and thus Eliana was born. Thankfully we are done having kids because I don't think we could come up with another name to match!
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Well, sort of... Both of my step-children are S names by complete coincidence....

As for my kids, when I got pregnant with my son, we loved the name Elijah (or Eli for short) and we knew he would have the same middle name as DH since it's tradition to use the same middle name for all the boys in his family (I hate it but the middle name really doesn't matter all that much to me so I gave in) so ultimately, they had the same initials. Fast forward to 3 years later and I find out I am pregnant with a girl... by pure coincidence the 2 names we like best are both E names. Eva and Eden. When we realized that we would have 3 E names we decided why not finish the cutesy stuff and give her the same initials as DH and DS (ERY) and it just so happens that her middle name is a name that DH and I loved but would never use as a first name because it could be shortened to a name we both despise. If we get pregnant again, I honestly don't know if it will be another ERY name though... it was more coincidence then it was planned so probably not.... but then I would worry he/she would feel left out.

ETA: And the Biblical thing was COMPLETELY a coincidence too... We are the furthest thing from religious, lol.
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They don't yet. I don't even know how well they go together.


If we have one more girl and one more boy, I'd like Greta and Elijah - so it's be two Gr names and two E names. I really liked Greta, but I didn't want to have two Gr names in a row, that felt way too matchy. (And I must have a thing for Gr names because I also love Graham)
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I wanted to avoid names that matched in the sense that they rhymed or began with the same letter or sounded similar or followed some sort of theme. (For instance, I didn't want #2 to have a plant name, since DD's is a tree.) I did kind of want them to go together in being the same type of name. DD's is uncommon but sort of classic sounding, and it seemed like it would be good to pick something for the second kid that was also uncommon but not weird. But in the end we decided we liked a very well known classic name better than any of the other possibilities we considered, and we didn't really care that much that it didn't exactly match the type of name we used for #1. (I don't think they sound totally weird together, though - not like Nancy and Ryder.)
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Two of them are named after really amazing famous men who worked together and so they match in that regard. They all have more traditional, classical names so their names do seemed matched in that regard. They all have a nice ring to them.
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Kind of. My kids have gender specific first names, and gender neutral nicknames. James is called Jamie, and Alexandra is called Alex.
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They don't match but I think they sound good together and go together. They are traditional, sorta old but not really. They sound right together.
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I don't do matchy names, BUT I want them to flow together. I am not going to do a creative name with a traditional one. Mine have traditional names, they ended up all being 3 syllable names but not on purpose, and if there is ever another, I am not opposed to having a shorter name.
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Both of my boys have first and middle names of the same ethnic origin. Their first names are two syllables and the middle names are three syllables, and both of their middle names start with E. None of it was intentional. We just liked the names and how they flowed with our surname.
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they are kinda matchy but it was purely coincidence. i picked dd's name and dh picked ds's name (both are family names)
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Not really. The only thing they have in common is they're very old names, antiques that haven't really been popular for about a century.
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They absolutely are matched on purpose, but not in a rhyme or first letter way. I wanted them to flow well. Girls are more than three syllable and end in the ee sound. Boys are two or more syllables and end in n. I even have future babes names picked. The kidlets love it too.
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Yep, the kids all have the same number of syllables and start/end with a vowel.

(Ok so we wave the geek flag regularly around here )
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My boys all have Irish-y names: Seamus, Keegan, Devin. D came with his name so i'm glad it kinda fit. I sort of wanted to change it to Declan (a name i love) but decided not to. My daughter's name (which she also came with ) doesnt fit the pattern, and doesnt lend itself to shortening or nicknaming and is also my sister's name (which was super popular in 1950, not so much now!) but she doesnt want to change it. I might just change it to Maeve behind her back. (kidding!) The first two boys have family names as middles, not sure what im giving D (but probably an irish name and not a family one, not sure) and i wanted to give L my middle name but she doesnt really want to, so she'll probably keep hers (which is a sort of "made up" name), which is fine.
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I consider them to.

Originally Posted by limabean View Post
Nope, not a fan of matchy names. We purposely made sure they didn't start with the same letter or rhyme.
They don't match in that way. They both have three syllables and are fairly traditional.
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Yes, but not intentionally. Their first names don't rhyme or start with the same letter or anything cutesy like that, but they are both traditional names that are congruent, for lack of a better word. They both have middle names that are ethnic origin that start with the same letter, but that is coincidence. DS has my father's name and DD has a name I've liked since I was a child. Since they are middle names, and they also each have a third middle name, I didn't really think about the same-letter thing.
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Yes, don't think yuo can get a closer match without them being the same:

Kaya, Kama and Kara believe it or not.
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