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DH was ticked off slightly but agreed to my choice--chosen long before I met him--of Sophia rather than another "Z" for DD.

His brothers all have children who start with the same letter--as in one brother has all "R", another has a different letter, etc. He and *his* siblings don't all start same letter though...they *might* all be "e" or 'a' though I'll have to ask him again (they live overseas, I've never met any of them, and there's 7, so I haven't memorized this lol)

But our 2 boys are "Z" and I think DH *really* would like to give our gestating boy another "Z"....but I have vetoed two of his ideas because they are only one sound off from DS2's name.

DS1 and 2 have names that are 5 letters beginning with Z but they aren't *that* close in sound, so I could live with that, even though I was torked when I realized DS2's first and last name rhyme....I realized this when I was about 7 months pregnant, but at that point, we'd agreed on it and I knew it was going to be way too much work to try to agree on another.

2 years later, I am fine with his name, it seems to fit.
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Sort of, but it was unintentional.

Both of my kids names start with T -- DD's name had been decided years before in the event we had a girl. We had a hard time finding a boys name - when we came up with one, we were not thinking at all about the future daughter that we didn't have and didn't know if we would ever have.

When I got pg with DD, and found out she was a girl, one of the first things we thought of was "great - now we're going to have a family of T's." -- I grew up in a family of "A's" and my parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles are ALWAYS getting us mixed up LOL. For us, picking another name for her was not an option.

It wasn't until after I had DD that I realized their middle initials were alphabetical (DS is TA and DD is TB....we've joked that if we were to have another, we have no choice but to give the child a middle name that starts with C).
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I have Victor and Lucia. They don't match but I think they have the same kind of vibe. We are currently tying to come up with a name for #3. I want to stick with these type of names but nothing rhyming or similar sounding.
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kiddo's name is Molly. My current favorite names for a future child are Eleanore and Elliot. do those go together?

We all have J middle names though. Molly has my name and our next child will either have my husband's middle name or another family member's name or Jane which I ADORE but it doesn't go with our last name as a first name I'm pretty sure Jane and Molly go together as far as simple classic names go.
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Yes, sort of, and completely accidently. I have 2 A names and 2 K names. Both the K names have R middle names. It was completely unintentional and if each of them had been born the opposite gender none of them would have matched at all.
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My first two kids have a "y" as the third letter of their names (Peyton and Royce). I never thought about it until pregnant with #3. So, when we were thinking how to spell her name, considering that, I thought about spelling the name with a y as the third letter, too. I didn't because I didn't like the way Jaycee, Jayci, Jaycey looked. I went with Jacey when it came time to fill out the birth certificate.
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I think my kids' names sort of go together, and I woudn't have used anything too "out there" in relation to the other ones. They are Chase, Anna Kate, and Gavin. I think they're all relatively common & trendy. Anna is obviously an "old" name, but paired with Kate (we call her Anna Kate), it seems more modern, I think. Our next one will be Leah or Liam.
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My kids names don't match, per se, but they're all old fashioned type names, names that have been around for a while... my son is Gary, my stepdaughter is Katherine (I count her, because Gary would have been a Katherine if he was a girl), and my baby due in January will be James (he would have been Lillian if he was a girl).

When I was younger, I had lists and lists of names for my furure children, all "matching", but not rhyming... Samantha and Alexander, Isabel and Michael, Emma and Molly, Ian and Guy, etc. They had to have the same amount of "weight" to them (Peter and Joshua would not have gone, however, Peter and Benjamin would have been fine) and if they were names that had nicknames, the nicknames had to have the same amount of oomph to them as well, and a long name with a nickname with a short, no nickname name, would have been unacceptable (Sean and Abigail would have made me cringe). I was a strange teenager, put way too much thought into my future children... lol
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I think that Logan and Graysen sound good together, but aren't necessarily matching names.
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No, not at all. We picked the name that suited each kid after she/he was born. They both have a non-obvious Irish name tucked into their full name, but they don't match.
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My daughter's name has four letters, and I recently realized that my current favorite girl and boy name both have four letters as well. So if we used those and had another, I wonder if I'd feel weird using a name that didn't have four letters. Just, to have all but one follow a theme seems like something I wouldn't want, you know?

My two sisters and I all have names that start with A, for the same reason. Mom liked the first two independently, and when number three came along felt like she didn't want to make that one the odd one out. It helped narrow it down, too.
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DH was ticked off slightly but agreed to my choice--chosen long before I met him--of Sophia rather than another "Z" for DD.
The little Sophia I know goes by Zosia.

I only have one daughter, and have no preconceptions about what I'll name any future kids. But it is fun to read everyone's names!
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I only have one child at the moment but there's a strong possibility of my childrens' names not matching and that bugs me. My DD's name is more modern (Piper) and ALL of my other favorite names are older, more classic names.
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DD's name is Dani...so I feel like I can't give another girl a really girly name. Right now I kinda like Charlie or Thea for another girl...and Tobias (Tobi) for a boy.
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Not at all. Besides, if the names were similiar like if they started with the same letter, I would call out the wrong name everytime they were in trouble! hahaha "Lucy, Laura, I mean Lidsay. Pick up your room!!!" heehee
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Not at all.

DH and his two brothers have names that rhyme. It's really REALLY silly when you're all adults.
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Not at all. Besides, if the names were similiar like if they started with the same letter, I would call out the wrong name everytime they were in trouble! hahaha "Lucy, Laura, I mean Lidsay. Pick up your room!!!" heehee
Sigh. I do that anyway. The sad part is, I have ONE child. ONE. (Well, OK, two, but one's the size of a bean and hasn't been named yet.) I often call DD by the name of my littlest sister, who was the baby growing up. She's twelve now.
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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post
) I often call DD by the name of my littlest sister, who was the baby growing up. She's twelve now.
I do that too, especially when we have all been together for a family event. DD and my youngest sister have names that don't rhyme but are very similar. Since they don't start with the same letter, I didn't really notice until after we named DD. It's kind of funny to mix them up, since my sister in now in her 40's, but some part of me still thinks of her as the baby of the family .

My younger brother and DS both have names of Scottish clans. It was completely unintentional (DS has a name from his father's family tree), but now I'm wondering how much unconscious influence my siblings' names had on naming my kids.
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I only have one, but I have several branches of my family with kids with matchy names. One cousin's name begins with K as does her husband, and all of their children have K names... I think the middle initial is the same, too.

One of my aunts named all of their children A names. The funny thing is that the two older kids both ended up marrying people with A names (although one of them got divorced and is now dating a P)

And another cousin has 2 young children (2 and under) with a third on the way. His oldest is Peyton, the middle boy is Jaydon, and the one on the way is Haydon. Not my preference to go that matchy matchy... but I guess they also aren't my kids.

I would personally get kids names mixed up if they matched like that. I do it with my kindergarteners all the time if they have the same first letter or sound. Up until recently this year, I had a Jacob and a Blake (Jacob transferred)... I was constantly calling them all variations of Jake, Blake, and I even called both of them Blakob a few times
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No, I didn't think about it and no they don't really match. Their middle names do, but not their first names.
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