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Unexpected Events

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Lately I keep thinking of this book:

Anastasia on Her Own

I must have read it over 20 years ago but it fits my life so perfectly now. I might just buy a copy and read it chapter by chapter to my kids.

Today, it was my husband losing his car keys.

I feel like I'm doing okay and then BANG! Unexpected Event. Right now my house is gross. Dishes everywhere, unswept floors, laundry not done, unfolded laundry on couch, horrid. It's 12:00 a.m. and I still am not able to sleep for the dishes. Two bags of trash to take out.

This is after 24 hours of not cleaning. TWENTY FOUR. That's freaking it, and it has all turned into a huge mess. Granted, I should not be typing this, but kids got vaxxed today so baby is nursing more.

Anyway, does anyone else feel like this? How do you deal? I mean, I can't schedule them in... though like Anastasia, I try.
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i hear you! for me, it doesn't have to be unexpected, just off-routine. like carving pumpkins last night . . it throws things off for me.

ot, but, what does your siggy mean to you? to me, it sound so condescending. like, "you're doing your best, so even though it's not the best, it will have to be good enough." i'm sure i'm taking it the wrong way . . . help me see the light! lol . . .
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Re: routine: YES! Exactly.

Re: Siggy: I thought it was more about personal empowerment, like she is doing her personal best, and working extra hard to do it, so she should be extra proud. I have gotten two PMs from working moms thanking me, so I guess they weren't offended, but I suppose some of the less-appreciative working moms wouldn't write, would they? I'm too lazy to change it though I've had lots of ideas.
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I feel like my life is a long string of unexpected events. I'm terrible at scheduling, though, and tend to do things spur of the moment. I feel like life throws me off track constantly.
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