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No appetite

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I'm 30 weeks pregnant and really have no appetite. I make myself eat several times a day, or whenever I remember to. Now that I had to go out of work half the day goes by and then I realize I haven't ate. Nothing sounds good. I don't enjoy eating any more. I've been trying to eat protein rich and high calorie foods like cheese and stuff. I wonder if I should do one of those nutritional shakes or something a day to make sure I'm getting enough nutrition. My uterus is just so far up into my rib cage that I can't eat much at a time and with me not being hungry and forgetting to eat I worry about getting enough calories and nutrition. Anyone have suggestions?

Oh my hubby is the one eating everything in sight and having hemorrhoids. Poor guy.
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I have no suggestions but i'm just stopping to say that I'm in the same boat as you are! I am 32w2ds and for the past couple of weeks i've felt like food was just an evil that I really don't want!!!! I am so not feeling the food thing these days and it's starting to make me feel like a horrible mommy!!!! I didn't get this way with DD#1, so i just don't know how to react to it! HUGS to you mamma and I hope that maybe this is just a phase and we'll get out of it soon!!!!
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