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Guardians of Ga'hoole movie?

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I came here to read the thread on this movie and I don't see one. It is "now playing" in N America isn't it?

Has anyone seen it? What did you think?

It comes out here next week and we might go see it on Halloween weekend.
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My 10 yo dd read all the books and LOVES them. We saw the movie together and she really enjoyed it. She did say that it was WAY off as far as staying true to the books but she expected that going in. I enjoyed it also. It felt a bit long to me - but dd said it was too short!
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ETA: Sorry, acidentally put in a spoiler........ Removing now but it might be too late........

I watched it with my 5 and 6 year old yesterday and I feel like I made a big mistake.

I don't wrap my kids in cotton wool or anything but even I felt this film was surprisingly violent. I mean, its owls right???? Yeah they kill their dinner, my kids watch and love nature films so natural violence they are used too but this film with the freaky bats, sharpened metal claws, special blades etc,was I felt, pretty horrific. I just can't help but think that if this weren't animated and it wasn't owls, the rating would have been higher.

It is a PG but its still not what I expected from a PG, i dunno, I know a lot of parents who went to the cinema when we were there were shocked as well, some walked out early, kids totally freaked and from what I have read of reviews its a similar situation.

I checked out the trailer and it didn't look too bad, I dunno, I am not usually weird about films but this just didn't sit right age wise for me and it seems a lot of other people feel the same.
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and the bad dude getting skewered on a burning stick at the end...
Jeez, spoiler alert!

I took my 5 year old to see it in 3D and honestly, I didn't think it was that bad at all. It's not all cute and fluff, no, but I didn't think the violence was excessive for an older children's film. Also, where the bad guy gets "skewered" at the end--you can't see anything. It's not gory or gruesome. But the themes are violent.

My DD said she was a little scared during the final battle scene, but that otherwise it was a great movie. I enjoyed it too!
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D'uh, maybe I should delete that bit...........

I don't know wy I have an issue with it because my kids are fine with Jurassic park.

I think maybe its the way they seem so human????? I mean, dinosaurs eating people, thats what some dinosaurs are gonna do if they happen to appear in your neighbourhood.

I cannot put my finger on it, but for me, it did feel excessiely violent but then, maybe I expected something different having watched a fluffy trailer and as a result, got somewhat of a shock?????
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Ok we went to see it yesterday. I did think it was violent in parts, but so are the books. Actually there are a couple of things that happen in the books that I was glad not to have to see in the movie (laughter therapy, for one). My son (9 yrs old) said the movie wasn't bad but the books are better since they do a lot more in the books.

I like the relationship between the 4 owls better in the book as there is more bonding between them. I was surprised they combined St. Aggie's and Kludd's pure ones group.

I thought the Owl City song was a nice touch.
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I didn't like it at all, usually I can sit thru a kids film, but this one was a disappointment. My boys enjoyed it, they however haven't read the book yet.
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Boring and very violent. I hated it and it really scared my kids.
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