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searching *african-american/european* waldorf dolls

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dd (4,5) has a light brown skin tone and curly hair - just like her dad (he is african-american, i am white-european).

now she wishes for a doll that looks just like her.that's not so easy though! the waldorf dolls that i found are either totally white, totally black or hispanic with streight hair. some of the dolls even have kind of an orange skin tone.

i need a doll with a brown teint and black curls.

does anyone know where to get those kind of dolls??
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yup, this was me thinking the same thing a couple weeks ago. after much research, i have decided to buy a kit from here http://www.weirdollsandcrafts.com/wa...ll-making.html

and then make my own. doesn't seem to require too much talent or time. i originally was in love with the Bamboletta dolls until I discovered that it's virtually impossible to get your hands on one. i think there are some etsy sellers that also sell waldorf dolls of many colors and hairstyles.
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thank you all very much for the links.

unfortunately it's not quiet yet what i had in mind.

so i am still lookinhg. if anyone has more links, please dont hesitate to post them here.
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are you thinking something along these lines?

and http://www.etsy.com/listing/47566107...ndfelted-shawl

they are the same doll different pictures the lady does not make the doll but made by http://www.etsy.com/shop/figandme she does custom dolls so if the hair is too light in color you can ask for a darker brown or more curly hair, longer/shorter, same with color of skin. if you see a doll you like but it just aint right. like the 2 links i sent you in a pp. the one who take custom orders you can say i like this skin tone, this style of hair and this color of hair.
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I had someone on Etsy make one for my babe- who is also mixed african american (dad), middle eastern jewish (me).

I just found a seller whose dolls I liked and then made a special request.

Here is one with lighter skin but nice curly brown hair!



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i had my dd's custom made from www.bamboletta.com and she is still going strong!  i think she joined our family 2 or 3 years ago and is beautiful and was just to my specifications.  

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another etsy site that may be of interest... it's a site that sells dolls in varioous skin tones that are ready to finish, check out what some customers have created.





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Why don't you try http://www.blackbeautydolls.com/  for black dolls lots of choice and great books and party supplies.

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