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Does EC Work for Every Child?

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ECing my first was great. She graduated by 18 months even though we didn't start until 5 months. My second has been EC-ed since birth. He is now 8 months, and I still miss a lot more than I catch, particularly now that I have trouble keeping him on the potty now that he crawls (toys and nursing don't help). I'm really frustrated, because unlike with my first, I KNOW EC works, because it worked for my daughter. But maybe some kids it doesn't work for?
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I have EC'd two kids (first a girl and then a boy). I have several friends who have also EC'd more then one child and there are a couple things we all agree on... one being that boys are harder to EC then girls! Which is funny, because that is what you normally hear about potty learning in general too- that boys take longer and are harder to transistion out of diapers. For what it's worth, even though it seemed like my son was light years behind my daughter (who was in underwear full time at 18mo), ultimately he was only a few months behind (he went into underwear a couple months before he turned 2 and was dry overnight long before that).
Anyway, with multiple children different personalities come in to play that's for sure. So does the issue that now you are taking care of two children and your attention is divided at times. Regardless, remember that EC is a process and is all about communication... even if you are having misses you are still doing EC. You can't control when/where your DS pees/poops, but you can continue to offer him the potty. Just go with the flow and try not to stress too much about it... he will get there in his own time!
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Originally Posted by clovergirl View Post
I have EC'd two kids (first a girl and then a boy). I have several friends who have also EC'd more then one child and there are a couple things we all agree on... one being that boys are harder to EC then girls!
I tried ECing with my DD, but she never signaled, so I stopped. But since then, I found out that I could do it with more of a timing-based method, and since then, I've noticed that ECing my DS has been way WAY WAY easier than ECing my DD was, lol.

OP, I'd keep pushing through this newly-crawling phase and at least keep up the communication even during the misses.
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Don't give up!

It sound to me like your baby is on a potty strike which is typical when a new skill is underway! I'm now on my 4th EC baby and although they are all so different I firmly believe it "works!" My son (who is now 5) suffered brain injuries at birth, still does not walk and was ec'ed since the NICU. It definitely works!

Try to remember that it's about communication first and foremost. If baby isn't telling you or cooperating when you offer the potty don't fret. If you only catch 1 pee a week know that it is still "working!" You will be far ahead of those who ask their 3 year olds to "go potty" and the child has no idea what the heck you're talking about!
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EC is all about Communication. Each child have his caracter, each one have different communication challenges.
I started with my first at 12mo and we were done at 18-19 mo. She is very social and passionate about everything.
A complete different story was my second one. We started with him at day 3. We have EC Honey Moon until 8-9 mo. We have very few poopy misses until 7-8mo.,maybe 5 or 6 at most. Betweeen 8 to 10-11ish mo was lots of poopy misses and lots of pee accidents. I took a EC break (part-time) for myself fo couple weeks and keep up later. DS is very relax temperament. I took a diffent aproach. I use lot of timing, I have to remenber myself over and over to be vocal. I found out he like more to have to challenge for himself to undress , clean up, empty up his own potty, bring his own book to the potty area, and so on. Again, timing and show his own wet undies.
I hope all the good advice from PP above encourage you to don't give up.
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I think EC techniques, or the philosophy of EC, is appropriate for any child. There may be parents who aren't quite up to speed, or however you want to phrase that, with how to do EC, but any baby can do it. Results will vary from child to child! Some will care about being wet, some won't. Some will like to potty, some will prefer to play. I guess it depends on how you define EC as working.
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If you are making even 1 or 2 catches a day, and communicating to your DS that a wet/poopy diaper is not nice and needs changed... I would say that you are way ahead of the ball game.
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Wow, this is great encouragement! Thanks!

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EC is working as long as you are communicating with your baby! Plenty of EC babies aren't fully out of diapers/trainers till around the age that children are conventionally potty trained...but they still have way more awareness throughout their early years and get to be way more comfortable by being dry and clean most of the time, unlike kids who are always diapered. So yes, EC works for every child. It doesn't work for all parents, because some parents are too frustrated by misses or by the drawn-out process...EC means dealing with the whole issue and paying more attention to it for a lot longer than people who just diaper all the time and then conventionally potty train. But, of course, diapers are a lot messier than EC, even when you factor in all the misses, because I'm sorry, but cleaning poop off a wiggly butt is way harder and messier than cleaning it off a floor! At least the floor never tries to walk away! :D 

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