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Homebirth of Willow Kaia

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On May 4 at 8:30 pm I was getting Gabby ready for bed, I got hit with a pretty intense contraction. I continued to get her upstairs and they kept coming around every 10 minutes. After reading her a story and tucking her in I went to the bathroom. When I wiped there was a ton of bloody mucous. I knew this was it. After a few hours of contractions I decided to check my self, I figured 4-5and around 70% effaced. The contractions started getting more frequent so I decided to tell Aj I was in labor. Of course he was excited. We decided to lie down and get a little rest while we still could. Him, Gaige and I all snuggled up into bed, I was able to sleep in between contractions until around 3am then they were really growing in intensity. At around 4am I decided to call my midwife. She told me she would call the others and come right over. She got here about 4:30. She wasn’t in the door more than 5 minutes and my contractions stopped. I knew it was normal and figured they would come back. I had a couple in the next hour and then her assistant and the other midwife showed up. Absolutely nothing for a couple of hours. I then started having them but it was every 30 minutes or so. My midwife decided they would all go for breakfast and see if my labor would get going again. I decided to lay down my contractions started again but I was able to sleep in between. But as soon as they came back they stopped again. At around 11 my midwife decided they would go back to her house for a while. They were gone about 30 min and they started again. They started coming at about every 20 min, then down too 10 min. They all got back around 2 and they went to about every 30 min or so after weighing my options I decided to go for black and blue cohosh. It started working, so we decided to take a walk to the lake. It was so nice there; we sat on the dock and talked for a while. My contractions started coming stronger and closer together. Kelsie my midwifes assistant stated massaging my back (she is a massage therapist and does an awesome job at that!) while Brenda and Deirdra rubbed my legs. After an hour or so we decided to walk back, at this point my contractions were really on a roll. We got home and they got even stronger and closer together so I decided to get in the shower. The shower felt wonderful, Aj sat on the toilet until I was done. I got out and decided I wanted to be in my bed for a bit. I would doze off in between contractions. After awhile Brenda came up and suggested I get upright to get pressure on my cervix. Reluctantly I took her suggestion I started feeling a lot of pressure and asked her to check me, 7cm and 90% effaced. I was slightly discouraged but knew the contractions wouldn’t get much more intense. I decided to get into the pool to ease the pressure, I stayed in there for a good hour and decided I wanted to labor on the toilet for awhile I knew the pressure from her head would help. After 4 or 5 contractions I checked myself, I guessed to be about 8 cm 100% effaced, that is when things started getting really heavy. I had tons of pressure and was trying to push with my contractions; it took everyone to keep me focused so I wouldn’t. Brenda asked me if I wanted to have her in the pool or my bed my bed sounded far more inviting. I spent the next few contractions hanging around Kelsies neck while Aj rubbed my back. Suddenly there was no stopping me from pushing! I broke away and got on my hands and knees on the bed, I have one push and felt my water bag pop and gush. Second push I heard Brenda say I see hair! 3rd push I felt her head come out 4th push out came her body it was 7:58 p.m on May 5. Brenda passed her underneath into my arms. It was amazing she was here. Her apgars 9 and 10! What an amazing experience her birth was and looking back I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!
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Tanks for sharing your story. I'm expecting my first in oct and It's great to hear peoples birth stories. Esp when they aren't the main stream stories of "it hurt like hell".
I'm happy to hear all is beautiful
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Congratulations!!! What a beautiful and peaceful birth story...thank you so much for sharing!!
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Beautiful! good for you, mama! You re-inspire me to keep saving money for a future homebirth. May I ask.......who did you have watching your kiddos while you labored? Were they with you?
I always wonder what I'll do with my son at 8 cm.....
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Well I had my oldest go with her Dad that morning, it was too much excitment for her and she wouldnt calm down which made it hard for me to concentrate. My son was passed around by everyone there until I was about 6 cm then my midwife called a friend of hers to come down and watch him she brought him in the room when I started pushing...and he was AMAZED!
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That's awesome! Congratulations on your home birth!!!
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What a beautiful day! I am especially encourged by how relaxed you were by the fact that the contractions were off and on for a while. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Congratulations! I the name Willow Kaia!
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We just had a Willow too!
If you're interested it's in TAO under "Willow Sage 2.27.02"
I'm so happy your birth was such a wonderful experience for you, you must feel quite empowered by it all.
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Oh my, there have certainly been a lot of Willows lately! We have one too!

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dirtyhippie- thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.
i am mom to dd kaia rae (3 1/2) and 5 days past my due date for #2 who will be born at home (goddess willing. ..)
i'm really ready!
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