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loose stools in a toddler (for a week now)

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DS has had loose stools for 1 week now. last Saturday he ate a pickle his neighbor friends gave him, and since then it doesn't stop. What can I try? I will buy some chamomile tea today. Anything else?
Thank you!
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Do you think it's specifically the pickle, or could it be a coincidental virus? I don't know if you've got dietary restrictions now, or if this was significantly different than what your LO normally eats.

Whether illness or just imbalance, I'd think about a probiotic and generally easily digested foods, heavy on soups and cooked food, light on raw foods and most fruit, consider whether any foods could be irritating--normally okay, but right now not a good idea.

I'm assuming your LO doesn't seem dehydrated, just atypical and not normal/healthy poop.
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I think that loose stools are most likely related to a virus. A lot of times those GI viruses are mild, and the only symptoms you get are nasty stools for a few days to maybe about two weeks.

If they're frequent-- more than a few times a day-- you'll want to keep a special eye on hydration. And maybe avoid foods that are going to loosen stools to begin with. And I think that if they persisted past about two weeks, I'd check in with a health care provider, just to be sure there's not something else going on.
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he goes 4-5 times a day and drinks plenty of water. I don't give him any milk or yogurt, and only small amount of cheese. Will start being careful with raw foods as well. I think it might be a virus. His forehead is a little warm and eyes are a little watery, also, he has problems with falling asleep.

I started having loose stools myself.

Somebody above suggested a health care proff, but what could they possible do? Last time for my son and me they prescribed antibiotics - seems like it's their answer for everything. Esp. his ped is very-very reluctant to do any tests, and I am not ok with drinking meds for unknown reason.
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For a simple virus, you certainly don't need a health care provider. It's if the stools go on for a long time-- like more than two or three weeks-- that you might want to consult with somebody. Rarely, a child acquires a parasitic infection, for example, and the sign is loose stools that don't resolve on their own. Or the loose stools are the earliest sign of some chronic medical problem-- like Crohn's disease, or celiac, or something like that-- and the way you know is that the loose stools don't resolve after a few weeks.

That's why I'd consult a HCP if diarrhea persisted.

But if you're having them yourself-- that's almost certainly viral. And you're right, you don't need a doctor for that!
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