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I declined to schedule the 10 week ultrasound; my midwife told me all it was for was for dates (but I know my dates) and to hear the baby's heartbeat early. Those didn't seem like good enough reasons to me. The website for their practice also says they discourage 1st trimester travel until ultrasound establishes an intrauterine pregnancy (since clearly we're all supposed to live in fear of being that ~1% of ectopic pregnancies) but she did not mention anything about that so I think that comes from some practitioners at that site who have more of an interventional model of care. Not sure yet if I want the 20 week u/s or not.
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provided everything goes smoothly, I'll get 2...one around 9-9 1/2 weeks for dating (I have odd cycles and am not 100% sure of my dates), and then the 20 week scan...I did show placenta previa at my 20w scan last pregnancy, so I did get an additional u/s around 38 weeks or so to make sure it moved (which it did - yay!)
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I totally agree with you too. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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I'm glad someone agrees! It really burns me up to see mothers blamed for random stillbirths because they chose the safest and most comfortable route for them. I work with these moms all the time: more guilt is the last thing they need. And the idea that women choose homebirth because they selfishly care "more about themselves" than their babies is really awful. It smacks of the "all that matters is a healthy baby" trope that is just... so offensive.
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i worked in labor and delivery at a hospital that did 6000 deliveries a year for 3 years. i never saw a mom come in in labor with a healthy baby to have a baby die in delivery. not once. we did reiki and mom's made their own birth plans. ex-h is an ob/gyn doing 220 deliveries a year for the 13 years we were married. he had 2 fullterm babies die in delivery during that time, both had viruses unknown until the cord was cut- one mom was infected with herpes after her water broke and the other was cmv or a related virus. he never had a birth process related death. that's about 3000 deliveries and no deaths. we had a lay midwife doing a handful of home deliveries per month in this area, she was here for 8 mths and had 3 babies die in her care before she stopped. im not saying that is typical, but the contrast speaks for itself. babies die?? are you kidding me? this is something you are willing to accept like we live on the prairie in the 1800s? babies and moms die in 3rd world countries. i am not against home birth, actually, and i am for women choosing their own way to birth. but to say there is no stats that say anything bad doesnt happen after 42 wks is like putting your head in the sand. placentas are calcified and there is good reason for caution. but if that's a risk you are willing to take, bless you and i pray for a healthy delivery for the sake of your child.
Yes, totally agree with this!
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Have to agree with LittleTeaPot. I am undecided as to whether to get any at all. I know my dates, this is my first, and although I am concerned about abnormalities, I have to also agree with other mamas in that if there is nothing I can do, wouldn't it be best to simply enjoy the time I'm given with this babe? More thought and research ahead for me.
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