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Anyone else need to rant?

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So while I was pregnant with my daughter (most of 2009) my DH's work sent him to Oklahoma (we live in Central Texas) for months at a time. He missed all but one midwife appointment, we had to delay the sex ultrasound until I was 25 weeks so he could get here, and they even wanted to send him for my 9th month.. I was due Sept 9 and they had no problems sending him Sept 1. I finally put my foot down and told him he WASNT GOING. He had to explain to his bosses and they gave him major crud about it. Almost derailed his promotion.

Cut to THIS pregnancy, and guess what. They're sending him to Corpus Christi. All week, every week, till God knows when. At least this time he's close enough to be home on weekends, but it still means he'll miss every appointment. He's working 60-70 hrs a week, and getting paid hourly, so I can't complain about the money, we really need it, but holy snot are they doing this ON PURPOSE?

It doesn't help that I'm heading into that super-randy 5th month and he's gone 6 days a week. There's not enough batteries in the world for this.
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That's SO LAME. My dh and I had a long distance relationship for about 2 years (Portland, OR and San Diego), and it sucked. Of course, I wasn't pregnant then (though I did have two little girls from my previous marriage), I would imagine this would drive me completely bonkers right now.

Hang in there, I hope everything gets better!
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DF and I were long-distance for the entire pregnancy with DD. he went to two pre-natal appointments, about 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat, and the last one at 38 weeks when we finally got to be not long-distance. I also did my 20 week ultrasound during Christmas break so he got to go to it. We also couldn't do any birth classes or anything.
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I was s bummed about missing the birth classes last time - but my midwife sent me home with the "take home" version and it was really dumb. LOL. I'll be skipping them this time - 3rd baby, first two wound up getting induced, I'm not too worried about it.

DH cheated A LOT on his ex-wife and even though he's never cheated on me, when he goes on these trips while I'm pregnant, I'm POSITIVE he's banging ever cheap girl in town. He travels a lot, period, and for some reason, not preggo, it doesn't bother me. But add in extra hormones, and I'm psycho.
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My DH doesn't travel for work, but he works 10+ hours a day and it very tired at night (too bad for my 5th month as well).

Just wanted to say that my DH doesn't come to appointments with me. I think he could if I asked, but it just isn't how we've worked it out. It's kind of my time and we have fun talking about it later.
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Since he missed so many appts last time, I thought it'd be fun for him to come to a few this time. He came to the first two - the big ones, and since he embarrassed the heck out of me at the last one (shouting IS THAT A VAGINA?? at the ultrasound tech and then pouting) I probably wouldn't want him at any more. But I just don't like the fact that he CAN'T be.

It's one thing if it's my idea... totally different if it's his boss's idea.
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my dh only came to a handful of appt during my pgcies. He works 1hr away and not worth him missing a day when we need that $$ in his paycheck. He also doesn't come to the u/s and that's ok with me. We talk about the appt. I know that he is excited about the birth of the baby. He keeps talking about the baby everyday.
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Originally Posted by TnMsMama View Post
... There's not enough batteries in the world for this.
Where's a *snort* smiley when you need one? This one will have to suffice.

I always figured the "TnMs" stood for Tennessee Mountains...

But yeah, bummer.
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Tristan N Marian's Mama I was rushing to come up with a name. It's kinda dumb LOL Especially since I'm gonna be Tristan N Marian N Clara's mama soon.

So he's going to to work in a couple hours, will work till 4 am and will leave directly from there to drive 5 hrs home. I don't think that's safe but I want him HOME soon. *sigh*
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