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22 weeks and tight feeling in unterus, constantly?? Need help!

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When I am pregnant with a singleton, I do not worry about anything, but with these twins, I am so paranoid about things.
Since yesterday I have had a tight feeling in my uterus, lower abdomen area, that sometimes makes it feel a little hard to breathe. Its not pain, its just tight. I took a nap yesterday, and it went away, but then it came back as soon as I started moving around. I went to sleep last night and it went away, but its back again this morning. There is no bleeding/cramping/mucus/anything else, just this tight feeling. What is this? Is this the uterus growing again? Just need reassurance.or should I call the dr? Thanks!
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Could be Braxtin Hicks. I had them a lot when I was pregnant. Very normal. If it bothers you, drink a glass of water and lay down. It should go away. It usually happens when you are dehydrated or being active.
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Thanks for your reply.I was really worried. I know about bh contrax b/c I was pregnant before, but this was more like it lasted ALL DAY. there was no break. it was only w hen i layed down and slept did it go away. lying on my side,drinking water, etc, did not stop the tight ball in my tummy feeling. its gone now. i think the babies moved in my belly, i am feeling kicks in diff places than before.possibly thats what the feeling was? apparently nobody else here preg w twins experienced this......i guess im a freak.
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nope - no freak! I remember feeling something like that further along (we didn't find OUT it was twins til 21wks).

I do believe it was because I was dehydrated - so it took more than one glass of water to do the trick....it also was when I'd been on my feet qutie a bit that morn, so I had to rest for more than just 15min for it to pass.
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it could also be early pre-term labor. when i went into ptl when pg with my twins at 25 wks, all i had was the feelings you descibe- i could not feel "contractions" only tightness and the other sensations you mentioned. i called my midwife group, they had me come in, put me on a monitor, and sure enough, i was contracting away. this is not to scare you, but it also should not be ignored. you need to talk with your health care provider. at the very least, get off your feet as much as possible, keep your bladder empty, drink lots of water, and lay down on your side until you can reach someone. none of us can tell you what is going on just through a post, but i can tell you what you describe may or may not be something of concern.
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I would second the recommendation to be cautious about this, too.

Edited: I thought better of my original post-- I was going to tell the story of my own preterm labor, to make the point that sometimes early preterm labor can be really subtle. But it's a difficult story for me to tell, and I decided to just emphasize that I lost my son, right at about the same gestational age. I never realized I was laboring until I got the urge to push. If you have any doubts at all about what's happening, it really is a good idea to have an internal ultrasound to check on cervical funneling, dilation, etc.
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I agree that when in doubt it's always best just to check it out. That being said I had very similar things happening throughout my pregnancy. It almost always happened when I was active. It happened every time I went for a walk or just doing too much at home. Most of the time I would just take it as a sign to rest more.
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I hope you've gone to get it checked out!

I think it sounds like you should be resting a little more too - Try not to over-do things as us multiple mummy's are prone to pre-term labour, especially if constantly do too much!!

Best wishes - hope you're ok xx
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Thank you for all the replies. I never went to have it checked, it went away friday about midmorning, and hasnt been back since.I have had one b hx since then, the span of 3 days....so ..idk. I HAVE been doing too much. The day I had the tightening, I had been cleaning nonstop all morning, nesting, etc. I always drink about a gallon of water a day, so it wasnt that I wasnt drinking, I just overdid it. I have not done much of anything the last few days, didnt even DTD just in case.
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From what I remember, around 22 weeks or so was when I had to REALLY start slowing down in my twin pg. I would get that tight feeling a lot too. I did have it checked out, but I was not contracting. So whenever I had it, I would just rest until it went away. I was not on bedrest until baby A engaged at almost 33 weeks, and I was up again at 36 weeks - babes came at 37 weeks 5 days.

Rest, keep drinking the water, and eat LOTS AND LOTS of protein - upping my protein to 150 mg a day helped too.
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I did end up going in and everything was fine. Cervix was nice and long so OB just told me that I should rest, etc if I felt it again and to call if I needed him. Thank goodness it was nothing.Thanks for all replies!
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