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Hi ladies,

I'm wondering if you can help as I don't have any experience with endometriosis so I was wondering what you think...

I just got my AF back after 2 yrs 8 mths. I had really bad abdominal pain for about a month prior to it starting. At one point I thought I had appendicitis, but eventually it went away and I got AF. My next cycle I got pelvic pain again, mostly in my uterus area..very tender type of pain, and it occurs usually when I should be ovulating. My last period (only the second PPAF) was very heavy with clots, very unusual for me. I thought I may even had miscarrid, but I had a BFN so it is unlikely. Now I'm around ovulation again and I have a very tender pelvis/uterus. I used to get ovulation pain, but that was sharper and only lasted a few hours. I know its not that as it feels very different.

And for a little added background I've had two c-sections, so maybe adhesions?Or does this sound like endo to you? I'm still pumping 3x a day for my two year old..Oh, I also have PCOS and we are TTC #3 so I'd like to get this cleared up if you guys think it may be endo..all I need is something else to affect our fertility!!
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I don't know much about the c/s and adhesions. But the clots sound like endo as well as the ovulation pain. My pain around ovulation felt like cramps. I felt like I had menstrual cramps 3/4 of my cycle. And it was so bad around ovulation that I didn't feel like having intercourse to try to get pregnant. i also have clots and really heavy flow on my periods.
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Also, I had always had heavy periods. But the clotting and pain were MUCH worse after I got my periods back postpartum (22 mos PP due to breastfeeding).
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my mom had endo and i believe i have it but am not sure yet. my mom told me that endo doesnt grow while breastfeeding or while pregnant so i dont think you should be getting pains from it now if thats what it is. goodluck!

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Endometrial implants shouldn't grow during pregnancy, but it is possible for the disease to advance while breastfeeding. Although it will prolong the benefits of pregnancy for a while, once you start cycling again, the hormones are there, and the disease can come back.

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