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heard today that I'm negative
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I'm negative, too!
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Negative for me too, yay!
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Hooray for all the negatives!

I had an appt. today to schedule my c-section and they wanted to do a GBS swab Not because they might want to treat me during the birth, but "just in case the baby has an infection, it helps the Ped group to know if you're positive." Needless to say, I refused.
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Negative here too!!!:
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Man, am I the only one who is positive? I never tested + in any of my other 3 pregnancies so this really caught me off guard.

Mw isn't at all concerned about it & said we wouldn't even have time to do abx because they need to be given 4 hours before birth and I've never had a labor that long.

I'm already taking loads of probiotics for this stupid itchy crotch, so I'm hoping that helps. I mentioned a Hibiclens wash & mw said it wasn't a bad idea. She said to do it every time I shower & then once labor starts.

I just found this website that looks like it has tons of good alternative info.

Any suggestions from experienced mamas? Should I be worried? I'm so frustrated that my body is ripe for labor, I'm soooo close to birth and now I have to worry that maybe I don't want to go into labor yet.
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Meta, I posted on the chat thread about this, but I'll just throw it out there here, too. The stuff you dilute and douche with is called hibiclens or chlorhexadine. I found a lot of articles of scientific trials that showed it to be very effective in preventing colonization of baby. And there are two ways it can present in baby -- immediately after birth or a little further down the line (which is more rare). I would call your pediatrician and ask for more info about it and let them know that you won't have a chance to get abx in labor, and what their protocol for baby post-birth would be.

I would be on the lookout for any signs of anything in baby, such as grunting, nasal flaring, retracting (under the sternum retracting when they breathe), breathing fast (tachypnea) beyond what's considered normal "transitioning" for baby, temperature instability, extreme sleepiness beyond 24 hrs of birth, poor feeding, abnormal color or muscle tone, etc. The sooner it's caught the better.

And of course on the flip side, babies actually contracting GBS is rare. But it doesn't hurt to be aware, KWIM?

Good luck!
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You're not alone. I'm GBS+ as well after two previous negatives. I'm likely to just go for the antibiotics since I will be the hospital.
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I'm positive too. I was last time as well and had abx as I was in the hospital and I didn't feel like arguing. This time, at home, I'm not sure what I'll do. My mw has given me a few options but I haven't taken the time to really think about it. I'll probably just end up having a dose of abx again. I should probably start taking probiotics.
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Another positive here. Sigh. I'm going to do the antibiotics.
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Sorry for those of you who are positive. Now I feel bad coming on here to say I was negative.
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Got my results yesterday and I am negative too.  nice to have one less thing to worry about!

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I am positive. I was last time too so I am not really surprised. Hopefully we won't have all the thrush issues after birth. If we do at least I know how to handle it.

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Thanks Julie, for typing all of that. smile.gif


I feel SO much better after seeing my chiro today. I was in such a funk about it. I think it really screwed with my false labor on Monday night because I was really freaked out about going into labor and possibly passing it to him. I don't know if maybe it WAS real labor & I scared myself out of it or what.


So my chiro said to eat tons of fermented veggies, kefir & yogurt. I've already been taking 3 probiotics/day and eating tons of yogurt & homemade raw milk kefir (+ eating the kefir grains.) I have SO much in the way of fermented veggies because I was really productive this CSA season. So I came home and ate a ton of gingered beets. My chiro also said his wife didn't test for it but took preventative measures like lots of ferments + an acv/water rinse in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.


I'll definitely do the rinse - it seems like acv fixes everything. lol.gif


I'm worried that I'm messing with things too much. Using the Monistat cream internally has me freaked out because I don't like to use *anything* when not pregnant, but when I'm pregnant, it's a whole new level. So I worry that I'm messing with my vaginal flora. Then I read about using a half of a clove of garlic each night until labor but again, is it going to mess things up even more??


I think I'll do the hibiclens when labor starts, if I can get my mind around it. I always wake up in transition and it's hard to do anything that takes any amount of concentration.

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