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depaul birthing center in Norfolk?

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Anyone been there to deliver their baby? I have not had much luck finding a midwife since Im in VA and now considering this since its the only birthing center around and from what I understand take tricare.
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I live in NC but know several people who have had babies with them. I have heard pretty good things about them. If you do a search of this forum there have been threads discussing the birth center. they also do tours once a month. I'm sure that would be a great opportunity to check it out and ask about insurance options.
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I am going to be touring the BC Dec 7 at their open house.
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Well, I know women who are happy there, but I'm not one of them. I have posted this elsewhere, I think. The facilities themselves are very nice. But I was very displeased with the CNMs there. I know that CNMs are inherently medical-model, but when I was within a few weeks of DD with DS2 (2005), and commented to one of them that I was a bit stressed and nervous (DS1 passed away after his full-term birth), she had the nerve to suggest that I just go ahead and schedule a C-section!! Then, when I went into labor on Christmas eve, I was told that if I stayed at the hospital (I was 0cm and like 10% effaced), I HAD TO get the epidural or risk going under general anesthesia, and then the MW actually suggested that if I didn't go ahead and submit to a C/S (after 20 hours of PRODROMAL labor), that I ran the risk of this son getting an infection, like DS1, who died.

Although I should have known better (and I DO), it's amazingly difficult to think while in labor.

So, I had a bad experience, as they say. But I also know others who loved them. I guess as long as you're not "high risk" and don't go into labor on Christmas eve, you'll probably like them. Good Luck.
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I'm originally from the area and have a couple friends who delivered there and really liked it...maybe it depends on the CNM or MW that you use through the birth center.

Hugs Yaliina!
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I had a really negative experience there. 


Hope you find what you are looking for!

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I had a horrid experience, but I'll never know if it was the chicken or the egg.

I had a team of 3 CNMs and I lived on the OBX at the time, which didn't have its own hospital yet. Nell (forgot last name) was great, the other one who I never really got to know, I think would have been great (forgot her name), Stacy Starsman people were warning me not to get when it was "my time" because she was the most medically minded of the team, though she was uber nice during my pregnancy.

I ended up with her on the clock when it was time for me to have my ds and my water had broken way ahead of time. She hooked me up to umpteen machines and wires and my ds's heartbeat was going massively DOWN with each contraction and long story short Iended up with an emergency C under full anesthesia.  She induced me with cytotec (2x) and I didn't know what it was, but for some reason (Divine intervention?) I remembered the name and 9mo after ds was born, I was able to do research on it. There was a class action but I couldn't get in on it because-- get this-- i'd had no adverse reactions. I had a healthy baby and an intact uterus (I think) afterwards, but the horror stories with that drug are just...they abound. A LOT. 



So I did end up with a healthy baby-- thank the Gods!!-- but it could have been way, way worse. I could have had a not-live child, I could have had a ruptured uterus, I could have died myownself. I will never know if it was all that intervention (which I did not want-- I was going for a completely unmedicated, hopefully in water, birth) or if I really needed it after all. I  don't blame Nell or the other one but I do hold a grudge against Stacey for the cytotec. I was not in my right mind at all, to make decisions about that, and I didn't have good advocates to help me with decisions.


I thought that place got gone...I had heard it had. I think I would have loved my experience there if my birth had gone off without a hitch. As it was, I still feel lucky that the surgery place was connected by just a short hallway to the birth center. I don't think I'd have my ds today, otherwise. Almost 10 years later it is still hard to recount even that little part of the story.

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I hope you don't mind me just jumping in!  I'll be at the open house on December 7, also.  I have three girls and I'm pregnant with my second Midwifery Center baby.  The last child I had there was seven years ago, so Nell recommended I come to the open house this time in case anything has changed in seven years.


I had a great experience seven years ago.  I'm looking forward to meeting the two midwives who are new since I had my last child with them.


Good luck with whatever  you end up choosing for the birth of your baby!



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I had my 11 mo old there and had a good experience. As far as other midwives go, I know a lot of people who like Seven Cities Midwifery. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat more about this.

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There are other homebirth practices as well as was mentioned Seven Cities Midwifery is in Norfolk and Full of Grace Midwifery and Virginia Homebirth Midwifery both serve Norfolk/Va Beach.

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