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How do you eat your sourdough?

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I've been a yeast bread baker for a while but would like to make the switch to sourdough. I am under the impression though that it isn't a good bread for sandwiches? Has this been your experience? And if so, how do you eat it? Just bread and butter style? We do that a lot here with my bread too but my husband really likes his sandwiches.

Also, is there a particular flour type that works best when making sourdough? I use whole wheat for yeast bread.

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If you are a good baker, you should be able to work something out for the sandwiches. I have a recipe somewhere but I don't think it's on this computer. I find that I can use far more whole wheat flour in breads with a sourdough recipe than I ever could with yeast recipes. I make "quick bread" types breads with 100% whole wheat/spelt. We've made sandwich bread too.

Do you have a starter? If not, you can use baker's yeast and make a "cheater's starter" just to get yourself going.

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I do not have a starter. I was thinking of mail ordering one because quite frankly the directness for making your own starter in NT is a bit daunting.

I wonder if using white whole wheat or whole wheat pastry flour makes a difference?

And I wouldn't call myself a good baker. I had a great bread recipe so it was easy. But it wasn't soaked so I've always thought I needed to get to something else. I still think it was better than store bought bread, but id really like to switch to sourdough.

I'm going to google using bakers yeast to make a starter! Thanks for the suggestion!
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Yes, it does make a difference. WW pastry is low gluten, and when making bread, you want more gluten, not less.

As for how to use it, you use it like any other bread. Dont know why it wouldnt be suitable for sandwiches, but if its not, try a different recipe or tweaking that one to get what you're looking for.
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I know Sally Fallon says sourdough is too heavy and dense for sandwiches, but... well, I like it. You just have to get used to heavier, denser sandwiches. Make one, not two.

We don't actually eat a lot of bread, but I like my sourdough sliced thiny and made into nice solid toasted sandwiches with cheese, meat, tomato, pineapple, sauerkraut, onion or whatever. You kind of expect toasted sandwiches to be substantial, more like a meal, so the bread doesn't seem unduly heavy.

I must admit I use part white flour and part wholemeal in my sourdough, though.

Often I just eat it open-faced with butter or cheese.
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