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How long are you babymooning??

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I know a lot of us it really depends on our spouse's time off of work, but I was curious to how long each of you are taking for a babymoon?? I have 10 days. My husband is allowed 10 days of baby leave. Then he'll go back to work to check out of his command, might take a week. Then he's off for another 30 days. Which he's never done before.
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my hubby had off two blissful weeks. It was soo wonderful
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DD was born 9/27 and DH is going back to work 11/1. Although he has been working half days from home for the last week and will next week too.
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DH will be getting 10 days off, less if I have this in November because of his deployment schedule (hurry up and have a baby vibes needed!).
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My husband had the 4th through the 20th off and I had the baby on the 8th. He started to get annoyed with my "laziness," however, around day 10 pp...

This is my first 4 day stint of "flying solo" with both kids, but I'm technically cheating since I had my parents come up (and stay in a hotel) and visit for most of it. They aren't really any help with the baby, but they've been invaluable in entertaining my 3 year old.

He'll have from the 25th through the 10th off again, but we'll be traveling or entertaining out of town visitors for most of that period. After that, I think he's back to 4 on 10 off as usual.
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My dh is the SAHD and I have enough time saved up and short term disability leave that I will get a full 3 months off with both of us home. This is how it has worked out for our last 3 kids and it is HEAVEN.

I am so spoiled.

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DH took a full week off and then went back half time for a week. We had a week alone before our families (some of them, but that's another story) came to visit.
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What exactly do you consider a babymoon?

My DH is off work right now but I still do cooking/cleaning/childcare to help out.
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My mom is staying for the first week, then my DH is taking his vacation for the next 2 weeks. After that, DH gets 3 days off for Thanksgiving, and then his company closes until January for the holidays.

So I won't be on my own with the kiddos for more than a couple days until January!!
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I gotta admit I am a bit jealous... DH is in the middle of pre-deployment craziness and he is leaving any day now. He hasn't even met his son... I guess I kinda sorta got a pseudo baby moon because I had a c/s and CAN'T do a lot with the kids but I feel horribly guilty because it means my mom is doing everything...
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Right, I also want to know what you mean by babymoon? My DH is off for a week, although the first 2 days were spent in the hospital, so it didn't feel so restful. We're finally home alone now with our toddler and new baby, so I count my babymoon as lasting from today until Thursday, when DH has to go back to work. It will just be lovely to all be home and nesting in as a family. DH will be pampering me a bit, but I don't feel as physically wrecked as I did after having DD, so I'll still be participating in taking care of the kids and the house and the pets.
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I'm not sure exactly what constitutes a babymoon, either! But dh went back to school and work 9 days after I had the baby.
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DH works from home so he's always here! I have a one year mat leave from work so I'll be at home full time until September of next year.

I don't really know what babymoon means either, though I see the term used a lot!
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My DH went back to work 4 days after I had Jacob. I have until 12/1 off, will work 3 days a week for 2 weeks and then I have 2 weeks off for the holidays.
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My understanding is its just the time you are taking to bond with baby before going back to normal routine. Or the new normal. But it can be a little different for each person.
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