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Connor & Seamus hospital preemie vaginal birth

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This is how it all went down at 35 weeks gestation after around 2 months of bed rest.

I was already in hospital on meds to stop labor and hormone shots. I had already told them that since it is hospital policy to birth in the OR and to get a just in case epidural that as soon as it was obvious that my labor couldn't be stopped then to give me the epidural immediately. I labor standing up and really really didn't want to have to lay down without without one and besides if you know you are going to have one then it just kind of defeated the purpose in my mind to go through natural labor knowing you will end up with an epidural eventually. Does that make since?

So I woke up at 7:30am on the 13th and felt like I needed to pee. I went and sat on the toilet for about 2 minutes nothing happened figured false alarm stood up and my water broke! Heavy labor hit me like a mack truck after that. Immediately I was surrounded by 2 doctors and 3 nurses and withen like 5 minutes they had the anesthesiologist in there. My husband had to leave while she put that in and that really was sad because we always stick to each other like glue while I am in labor. I know my labors really well so at 7:45 while they were putting the epidural in I started the transition shake and knew I was probably fully dilated. Sure enough as soon as the epidural was in one of the doctors checked me and I was fully dilated. They yanked up the side bars of the bed and willed me down the hall to the OR. They asked if I could still move which of course I could because the epidural had ZERO time to take effect so I was still feeling everything. They put one bed next to the other and kind of hovered around me while I scooted over onto the OR bed. I am kind of glad I had so much to do while not being able to stand during heavy labor or I think the pain would have overwhelmed me. So I get on the table they put my legs in stirrups, which I thought was kind of ridiculous. I look over and dh is standing beside me in scrubs apparently they had forgotten him but he had followed us anyway and when they saw him and tossed him some scrubs. So one of doctors said for me to push as soon as possible, I was sooo ready to push at that point. I did a couple of pushes and out came Connor at 8:08 weighing 5 pounds 2 oz The boys had a shared placenta so they immediately clamped and cut the cord and he was preemie so he was then passed off immediately to a NICU doctor. I am unsure of how many people were in the room with me but dh said there were people all over the place, I could have cared less I was just thinking about my poor little guys and how much I wished I could have kept them in longer. So dh asks if I want him to still go over to Connor or for him to stay with me. Before hand we had planned on him going over to Connor while I birthed his brother so he wouldn't be alone. At that moment I felt my second twin sort of scoot over inside of me so I told dh to stay with me because Seamus would be here in just a minute and I didn't want him to miss it. I gave a single push and sure enough out slid Seamus at 8:11 weighing 3 pounds 9 oz. Seamus looked a lot scarier than his brother had he was very limp and purple and so they whisked him away as well. I looked at dh at this point and told him to go to the boys. They had immediately gave me a shot of pitocin after Seamus slid out but I was still bleeding pretty heavy it was around this point that the epidural kicked in all the way and I am really glad it did for what happened next. The doctor ended up having to reach up in me and manually contract my uterus. It was a fairly aggressive feeling event and I remember thinking "wow... without an epidural I think this would probably be CRAZY painful" it was strange to feel what was going on but have no pain with it... really really strange.
Then they brought both of my boys over to me wrapped up and laid them on my chest for just a moment and let me give them each a kiss and then they were speeded off to the NICU. My boys are still there and we expect them to continue their stay for 2-3 more weeks. But overall they are making wonderful progress.

Did things go the way I would have dreamed? No. Can I live with the way things turned out? Yes.

I was worried all along that once I hit "real" labor I would go in a flash, we live an hour from the closest birth hospital and 2 hours from the closest hospital with a NICU. Turns out those fears were pretty well earned. I am grateful that it was a vaginal birth and that I had no tearing and that I wasn't cut or anything. I really feel like my boys were born exactly were they needed to be, and I will always be grateful for that.
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What a great, strong mama you are! thanks for sharing your birth story.
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Thanks for sharing your story, Sasha.
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wow that was fast! You're right, you were where you needed to be for sure.
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Congrats on the birth of your precious little boys! Thank you for sharing your story, strong mama!
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Congrats on the birth of your boys! I hope they continue to be as strong!
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Congrats, Mama! Sounds like you knew just where you needed to be! They sound like a fine set of twins...I am sure they will grow fast. I think those are actually pretty good size for 5 weeks early...You did a great job! Enjoy your babymoons....
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Congratulations! I hope all is well!!

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