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Baby carriers that can be worn on the back and a big mama??

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I NEED a carrier that I can wear on my back but I want something traditional looking (not like the Ergo). I have been looking at things like the Mei Tai but I'm not sure how well they work on a plumper mama. I'm 5'3'' and about 210 pounds, though I going to start actually working to loose weight.

Any ideas, suggestions?? And please include links to the different carriers.

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Someone help me, please. :
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How old/big is your baby? An Asian-inspired carrier like the Kozy or Equanimity Baby Mei tei would work well for both back and front inward-facing carries regardless of your size. The EBMT does have much longer straps and is less expensive, but the Kozy is a little lighter/softer because the canvas is pre-washed, and you can ask for longer straps. I have an EBMT and it is very nice.

The original style Baby Trekker may be another good alternative. The seat area is not as wide as an Asian carrier, but I think it's wider than something like a Bjorn. And it definitely works for larger Mamas. You can often find them on ebay for cheaper than retail.

Any of the wrap-style slings would work. If you like a woven fabric, I would look at maybe an Ellaroo or a Didymos if you have the cash or can find one second-hand. For a t-shirt, stretchy type wrap, the Mobywrap is a fnatastic deal.

Also, Maya Wrap is distributing a new strecthy unpadded ring sling that can be worn in pairs for two shoulder carries, and then you have a ring sling that can be worn alone, too, which is great for quick trpis, errands, and breastfeeding. It's pretty cool.

You might want to go to http://www.thebabywearer.com
The forums are very active and you can find tons of reviews, comparisons, and distributor lists for each carrier. HTH!
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Thank you for the reply. My ds is 5 months old now I have looked at the Kozy but the wait is kind of a deterent. I'll look at that website. I think it will be very helpful to me as far as coming to a decision.

Thanks Again!
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A friend of mine is helping sew Kozies now, so the wait is going down, but the price has gone up. Having seen and used both, I think the main difference with the EBMT is the much longer straps. I would have asked for shorter ones if I had known, beacuase I prefer to tie the knot under the baby's tush rather than bringing the straps around my waist again. I'm not tiny, also 5'3 and about 155, but they come around two full times and tie. I definitely think tbw.com will help. Just don't get lost in all the choices!
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I have a Mei Tai and I love it. I am about a size 16-18 and its perfect for me. I can get it on my back very easily. I like the longer straps because I cross it under her bum for more support and then back around the front. I prefer to tie it in the front. You can get one at www.equanimitybaby.com. They can usually send it out within a few days and it is custom made with your choice of fabrics and colours.
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