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Hello ladies. I had a completely hellish day today, the sort that just screams for a toke or six to be functional (to say nothing of 'unwinding'). I don't think the most tightly-wound of straight edges would have begrudged me a toke today, it was just horrendously stressful all around. My car got stuck in snow and ice at the end, so just when I thought the hell was over I had to stand out in the snow for an hour and a half while my sister's boyfriend and her brother and I worked to free my vehicle. shake.gifI'm having trouble unwinding even now-- I should be exhausted enough to be miserable about the fact that I'm awake, but I'm still stuck on the day from hell.


So: How do you go about finding a source? I'm tired of screaming all the time, but I just can't get past the stress to focus when I'm in the thick of it (or at any other time, apparently :().

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I just noticed this tribe. It is to bad atleast  hemp is not permitted. I saw a PBS story on native americans growing it,and just before harvest the US govt. would come in and cut it all down and trash it. What a waste.It would be a good income crop that has many uses.AND hello it doesn't even get you high,but alas the law says no growing hemp.


I think being your own go to for cannabis is your best option rather than relying on others for supply.In the least a gardenning friend can grow some for you!


My brother wanted to get a growers permit,but they(atleast in CO)  costs thousands ,and you constantly risk being arrested due to state/fed laws that  the govt just HOPE you break.So even with a permit you can go to jail.


My OP is that cannabis causes less issues than alcohol.

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Hi ladies - long time - I havent been on here and man it looks different LOL . Hate to say it to ti keep he ladies that are PG and worried but at the hospital  we tested positive ( I was honest with my OB who told me it wouldn't hurt me as much as the continuing of weight loss , but had to test me regularly to prove I wasn't on "real" drugs) Then the hospital totally lost their schmit and put my baby in an isolation chamber for "withdrawls" which I fought them like crazy about until they released her and the filed CPS charges that stated not only was I an "addict" but was horrible enough to research and defend it wild.gif  CPS came over unannounced for weeks - sometimes bringing the police with them . I had to go to drug counseling , get tested , and relapse prevention group therapy for a year. We had to hire a lawyer and go to court. My husband - who is an awesome father - refused the programs as he was getting his medical card and our lawyer was good at  his defense , but he wasn't allowed alone with her , even for me to shower , under court law and with CPS and cops showing up whenever they saw fit it was very difficult. At any time if I failed a test they told me shed be removed from the house immediately as no sober adult would be there.

It was Hell

But I still think my mistake was in my honesty and the fact that I was educated instead of lead around by the government . I wouldn't chance it again tho. Sorry it was s long blahblah.gif

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My husband wants me to find out if the hospital we plan to birth at will drug test me or the baby. If not, he thinks it will be better for my mental health to keep smoking. I am worried if I ask, especially in person, the will be suspicous. Do you think I could make an anonymous call?
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Hmmm...definitely don't ask in person! An anon call might work, but who knows if you'll get the right info. Make sure there's no way to trace your call, ppl get crazy about this sort of thing. You, know, cuz you're a horrid person for smoking some weedeyesroll.gif

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Hey there... haven't posted in this tribe for years!


Greencarnation, as much as it sucks, it's probably best to assume that they do test. guilty.gif

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Oh, no!  I killed the thread!  bawling.gif

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OK, I'll keep us going;)...I got to have some medical today, yum! I've been sitting on a yummy treat someone got us from a cali store, maybe we'll eat that one tomorrow and make it a good weekend! Though, I feel so lucky to have a good source. I really get a good high from my regular stuff that the medical stuff isn't that much better. But, of course, tastes good, so there's that:)

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Hi ladies! I just wanted to come back and update on our situation.

DD2 was born Feb 4 @ 9:42pm! I was 38/6 when I went into labor(had a scheduled C-sec on the 8th). DD was 7lbs 9oz and 19 3/4in and had(still does) a full head of dark hair. Perfect and beautiful! I had a great experience with the C-sec this time and have been healing much faster than I did the first time. No vbac for me, I just do not progress well! Dr wouldn't do pitocin because I was only 9mo pp when I got pregnant again and she was concerned about rupture. Well, my contractions had be coming and going for days and then on Feb 4 they were the real thing finally and coming 2-3 min apart lasting 1-1 1/2 min and I was still only dilated to 1 1/2 and 50%! Sigh! Oh well! She's here and healthy, that's what's important.

I was NOT tested at the hospital! I wouldn't have passed if I had been b/c I caved the week before from all the pain and uncomfortableness I was dealing with. We had a great stay at the hospital, there for 4 days. I obtained my medical records back in Jan and there was no evidence that I'd ever been tested at my OB's office either. All is well!

Greencarnation- I called my delivering hospital anonymously, asked to speak with a nurse in L&D and just straight forward asked her what the policy was. As far as I know(and my experience reflects) she was totally honest when she said it was only done upon suspicion, patient's Dr's orders, or if patient admitted to use. Don't be afraid to call and find out your hospital's policy! HTH!

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Congrats, Peachy Green!! Hope you are having a fabulous babymoon...glad to hear it worked out:)

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Congrats, Peachy Green!!

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Thank you! And thanks for all the input the past cpl of months!
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hi mamas, I just wanted to check in.... its been awhile since I've visited this tribe, and just wanted to drop in and see how everyone is doing.  Can't wait for SPRING!   The PNW winter is really dragging on...

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Originally Posted by carmel23 View Post

hi mamas, I just wanted to check in.... its been awhile since I've visited this tribe, and just wanted to drop in and see how everyone is doing.  Can't wait for SPRING!   The PNW winter is really dragging on...

Sorry to hear that, but it's so hard to imagine. It's been 90 this week in Phx, we went to the pool!! I get seasonal depression and it is soooo nice to be somewhere w/SUN! Unfortunately, I think we're skipping spring!

I've been doing a lot of tokin recently. I really like to wait till after DS goes to bed for my nightly "treat", but he has been so challenging and DH now works out of town and is gone m-f weekly:(  So...I find myself relying on it some days to keep my sanity! I can go from wanting to scream and throw things to smiling and playing w/him marveling at how wonderful he is (a hit or 2 later). What a wonderful herb! I think my hormones are just really wonkie, so at least I have something that helps me deal until I find something more permanent ( i'm talking vitamins or something, not drugs/chemicals!) How's everyone else doing??


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Hi, I'm fairly new to MDC, happy to join the tribe!

Just wanted to share my birth story, maybe can help some other mamas. 

 When I first started prenatal care in Oregon my OB tested me for cannabis, I was honest with him, and decided to abstain for the rest of my pregnancy. The social worker for the clinic spoke to me about my cannabis use and informed me I would be reported to CPS. I had a great all natural birth, the L & D nurse let my DD latch on right after birth, but when I got to my recovery room, the nurses there informed me I could not breast feed because of the initial positive screen from months ago! I'm strongly against formula, especially at such a critical time, so the 2 nights we spent in the hospital, were a struggle. I just nursed anyway. The nurses treated me and DH like shit, but we persevered. I had a meeting with the social worker at the hospital, who told me CPS would be contacting me, and handed me information from Kellymom about BFing and cannabis, even though I hadn't smoked in months, and then I was allowed to go home.

It was a very intense and nerve wracking time. I contacted the CPS worker, she came to my house the next day, interviewed me and my LO's papa for 10 minutes. She told me she wasn't the "Weed police" (her words) and that we seemed like great parents. She then left, and closed our case. :) 

Just thought I should share my story, if anyone wants more details just ask!


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I've never posted here but I'm excited to have found some like minded mamas. I feeling like if people knew about me they would judge. I have a daughter who will be 2 in June and another little girl who was born this last November. My baby is EBF and I pump for my toddler since she weaned when I was pregnant. I also smoke to unwind. Knowing there's other people who do the same type of things makes me feel great!
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all the cps stories make me so sad! my cousin is a therapist/social worker for abused kids and none of the kids coming in to see her is because of their parents using mj, it's mostly alcohol and heavy drugs -heroin/cocaine/meth. and the kids have a lot of problems, many have been sexually exploited by their parents to buy drugs. those kids of things just don't happen with marijuana use.  I've always been scared to bring up my use with doctors and now that i have a child, it scares me more.


Allowing medical use is finally recognizing there are benefits to marijuana, but it still doesn't allow people to self medicate. I get problems with depression and anxiety and i'm more likely to get handed a scrip for xanax than get handed a medical license. i some how think being on xanax would put my child in more danger than if i was just to take a toke now and then to calm my nerves.


i've been smoking since i was 12 and regularly by 15. i never moved into using 'hard drugs' because of mj use, in fact, i've stayed far away from them because i've seen too many people O.D. and piss their lives away, i didn't want to end up living in my parent's basement or at the ymca.  i've had long stretches of not smoking and i don't need it every day. while i don't agree that teens should be using marijuana, i would say it was a factor of getting me through some of the worst times in my life.

one day the fight for legalization will be over and i hope to see it with in the next decade - i can have HIGH hopes, right? can we just elect an old dirty hippie, maybe a musician, and get it over with? i say willie nelson! or was bill clinton the closet we're going to get?
sorry for the rant.
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Hi everyone, from sunny Florida!  hola.gifThis is my first time posting here and I just wanted to introduce myself. Im Audrey and im so happy to find other MJ supporting mamas. My dh and I are very active in the fight to legalize/decriminalize MJ.


A little back story, back in 2006 I injured my back at work pretty bad and workers comp wouldnt approve a real orthopedic or PT so I was stuck seeing a urgent care"doctor" that just kept putting me on more and more pills. At one point I was on oxy, soma, tramadol, and lortab every 4-6 hours, that went on for 9 months when we finally won the fight against the ins company and got them to cover PT. Well by then my kidneys started failing me and I ended up on dialysis for 2 years and had to completely overhaul my life and what I put into my body. Since then I have been smoking/vaporizing for the pain and of course to unwind and I feel great. Im no longer on dialysis and havent had the need to take any pharmseuticals for over 3 years and I feel great. thumbsup.gif


Anyways its great to be here. Any other mamas from Florida?

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I'm out in California enjoying the wonderful weather and digging in the dirt thanks to the help of my anxiety medication.  :)  Otherwise I would be sitting on the couch crying all day.

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