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a wagon? something better than a stroller?

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I have 3 daughters, going on 11, 7 & 2 ... We have been going places a lot lately, like the zoo or museum. Places which are too far from the car to justify not bringing stuff inside.

So, here's the problem. I have a stroller (a Maclaren umbrella) - I used to think it was the best stroller in the world, but I almost never push a child in it. And now with 3 kids, it is woefully inadequate. The underbasket isn't big enough for our lunch bag, and the seat isn't big enough for stuff, either. I end up overloading the back so it falls over unless you are pushing it. The kids all love pushing it, though.

I pack as light as possible: lunch bag (big enough for us all, but not enormous), water bottles (at least 3), a couple loose diapers, camera, purse, and didymos wrap. My older kids REFUSE to carry anything. But they want to bring their own purses and sketch pads ... but since they won't carry them, I tend to say NO. And I'd much rather carry the toddler on my back than push her in a stroller - she's maybe ridden in it twice?

I am tempted to get one of these ... I know, not a big investment, but I don't want to be wasteful.

Would I get much use out of one of those plastic wagons? Is there such a thing as a folding wagon? If I hate pushing strollers, will I hate pulling a wagon even more? Can you take them into museums like you could take a stroller?

I drive an SUV, but one reason I hate strollers is that I don't like lifting them in & out of the car. I'd rather carry crap than hoist something up & down!
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So I googled folding wagon and found this
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I would think you'd hate pushing that as much as a stroller... I hate pushing things too. Our solution is a backpack. I have a small one for errands and a big one for outings. Everything goes in there - lunches, diapers, water bottles, extra sweatshirts, wrap... But we still use the front carry even though DS is almost 2 so I can carry both him & the backpack at once. Would your older kids carry their own small backpacks? (Put their own lunches etc. in their bags?) or they won't carry anything at all?
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nope, pretty much steadfastly hate carrying stuff, but have no problem with piling their stuff on or in anything that I decide to carry or push ...

I bought this nice lunch bag/backpack, but every time we go somewhere, I end up carrying the toddler at least part of the way on my back or in a sling, so I haven't EVER used it as a backpack!

I think that the wagon may actually be a good solution for me, now that I've found out that there are actually some folding types available. I'm in the middle of looking at reviews of some kinds available on Amazon. I bet REI even sells something.
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Costco was selling that folding wagon earlier this summer.. You might check that out if you're a member.
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Rolling Cart

You only want to transport stuff right, not children?

I swear that we're the only people in the city of Montreal who don't have one of these carts :


You can get cheap ones for $15 to $20. You can get ones with funky triple wheels so the cart is able to roll up stairs too.

We'll probably buy one in the spring. Soon there's going to be way too much snow for us to use it here before then.

I haven't done much comparison shopping yet, but I think the more expensive ones are more lightweight and have better wheels. Most people seem to have the $20 ones though.
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I have this, it is way totally worth the investment!


Although I didn't pay retail, it was still a big investment for me. I got it b/c I have a market stand, but I'm cheap & won't pay for a parking space, so I have to park a block away. I can roll my groceries along behind me, my dipes, my lunch, whatever. It stays up in the car, and has an adjustable handle and a carry strap. It's washable. The wheels are great, go over a lot of things. It has a drawstring cover adding to the packable room, great for bread or jackets on top of things.

Your kids will probably even want to pull it. It has a halfway up handle position perfect for littles. DS, upon first seeing it, said "OOOOOHHHH! It's perfect for me!" and it is, he pushes and pulls it around the grocery store. I've even been tempted to put DS2 in it, I think I could roll along with him in there!
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If you do decide to get some sort of granny cart, don't get the type you linked. The wheels fall off really easily (ours did). You can put them back on a then use a paperclip or bobby pin to hold them on but they are a PITA to push/pull. Definitely get a better quality one.

We have 2 - one like that one and another slightly better but still cheap one.

MissMommyNice - I looove that rolling tote!
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I think I'm going to look for a cheap "granny cart" (but not tooooo cheeeep) - it just seems like the logical thing to do when i don't really even know if a wagon is what I "want".

Miss Mommy Nice Nice - I don't even have to look at it. all i need to see is Reisenthel ... sigh. I have totes and storage boxes from a co-op, and I lovelovelove them. but I don't think I can justify that right now I could convince grandparents to buy a wagon, but NOT a tote!

thanks y'all!
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I would insist my kids use backpacks, too. But we have a wagon coming in the mail this week, the stroller has been outgrown by my 37" 35lb 2 year old, and the other kids had wagons when they were 2!
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Your 11 and 7 year old need to carry their own stuff. Period. You aren't a sherpa, for pete's sake! My 3.5 year old handles his own carryon when we travel bc my hands are full and I'm not the one using the dvd player!
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when we fly on airplane, they each carry/pull their own bags, and to & from the car, they are responsible about it ... but it's when we're "at" someplace, and I have some carrying device on wheels ... that's when they want mama to carry ...
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