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more supportive carrier for newborn??

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So, I'm quickly discovering that this new baby wants to be held ALL the time... not to mention, whenever she's not being held, there's a very high possibility that sweet big sister is smothering her with kisses!

But my back is starting to KILL me from using my ring sling all the time. I love it, but it's getting painful.

I tried using the Ergo (and no I don't have an infant insert - they're too awkward for me), but she's just too small still.

I have a friend who has an Olives and Applesauce carrier that she is loving for her newborn.

Anybody have any other suggestions in the "more supportive" category? I'm looking for specific brand suggestions here. I know there is a review section, but there were just too many and it got overwhelming! Thought I'd check here first, then maybe go look them up on the reviews page.

Oh ya, and I'm already getting a Moby wrap, so that's covered. But I live in Texas and it's pretty hot down here (still!), so I'd like something with a little less coverage (like an Ergo/ mei tai style carrier).
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A mei tai would probably be a good choice for you. They are pretty supportive and usually hug newborns and young infants better then most soft structured carriers (Ergo and the like). There are lots of brands... BabyHawk and Freehand would be my first suggestions, but if you are OK with getting a carrier just to bridge the gap until your Ergo works then you may want to look into an infant size mei tai, like the ones My Blessed Baby makes. They have a narrower seat so that small infants can ride with their legs out, where most regular mei tais have instructions for wearing small babies with their legs in (though you can cinch the base with a scarf or hair band to make a smaller seat if the baby really protests).
Hope that helps!
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I loved my mei tai at that stage - it was so nice to have his weight supported on both shoulders!

ETA: If you don't want to 'frog' her legs, you can tie a piece of string around the bottom of the mei tai to narrow it til she's big enough to fit without it.
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Another thing you can try is to put her in your ring sling, and then wear the ergo over the top...it's like having an infant insert, but less bulky.

Instead of a moby, how about a wrapsody wrap...same idea, but cooler fabric.
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