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Yay! Congratulations!!
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Originally Posted by colsxjack View Post
Wow. Congratulations.
I am also FTM and, although I didn't give birth to our DD, I am also listed as her parent. But my DW is listed as her mother. Were you able to get her listed without a mother? I think that there has to be a mother listed here. I am not positive about that though.

We live in Ontario. Things were changed here so that none biological parents could be listed as parents without having to adopt the child. That was a big step. But so far it is only available to those who do not use a known donor...or who at least without the status of the donor identity. I am grateful to the people who came before me and fought for the rights to be listed and registered in a way that is sensible and accommodating to many.

Again, congrats on the birth of your baby and on getting registered in a way that makes sense to you, your family and setting the stage for many more to come after you.
I'm from Ontario. It's a small world! Ican't wait to move home i na couple years, once I finish my PhD.

She was listed w/o a mother. I think that MA was unlikely to want to set the precedent of either listing me as a father, since I gave birth, or listing me as a mother, since I am male. Either way would have posed challenges to the definition of mother and father legally.

Being her parent makes even more sense for our family becuase I am a single parent - being "parent" makes it 100% clear that I'm it, and that can be good for things like border crossings (which we are planning to do frequently) and international travel.
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Congrats Papa! Wonderful news!
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That's awesome
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Yay for all your activism. And, a future move back to Ontario.
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Adding this to my list of reasons I wish I could move to MA...

Congrats papa!!!
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That is so fantastic! Congrats, and I love that sweet pic of you two
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ETA: Your kid is stinkin' adorable .
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congrats! And she's adorable!
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Love this. Just love it. Congrats, Papa. We can't wait to meet her!

Originally Posted by burg View Post
Yay for progress! Congrats Papa! I wish some of that would rub off on my state, oh RI...so liberal in most ways and so stuck in others!
Burg, though I was originally just listed as mother, after our second parent adoption we were both listed as "parent" on the RI birth cert. Oh, and in answer to your question about costs, I found some documentation from the lawyer's office that the costs (had it not been pro bono) would have been about $1,300. Sucks to have to pay that much just to have what already exists legally recognized.
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Wow, Papa, that's RAD. You're my hero!
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Right on!


I'm an MtF single mom, and I think this solution should be implemented everywhere. Last year, my ex and I had a dispute that came into the mediation regarding our DD, and what we could put on legal documents (school, hospital, and etc.) for her. We settled on identifying as "parent."
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