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Pelvic Soreness at 10 weeks?

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I have a very sore feeling just like I had at the end of my last pregnancy. Very sore and heavy feeling. Is this just stretching because the baby is growing so fast right now or something else?
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My guess is probably. Early in this pregnancy I had some pretty nice cramping/stretchy feelings just about every night. Here lately (the last 2 weeks, maybe) I haven't noticed it as much. I'm 12 weeks right now.
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Thanks for your response! My first instinct has been to find the maternity belt I wore last time...then I remember that I have no belly to put it around. It does get better when I'm sitting so I will just try to listen to my body for now.
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Sounds good. Full/heavy is a good way to describe the growing feelings. Pregnancy is so much fun multiple times around!
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if it gets worse, it may be SPD... mine started out around 12 weeks and got horrible towards the end.

definitely keep that maternity belt handy just in case, if that's the problem it will help... even without a belly.
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Thanks so much for your response. This did cross my mind but it just seems so early. Feels just like something like that though. I might dig the belt out just in case.
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Could it be round ligament pain? I have gotten that pretty early on in some pregancies, it was the worst in the second.
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I've had that most of this pregnancy. I keep asking about it and they say everything looks fine in there and it's normal. Mine's backwards of yours, though. It's worse after sitting.

Last apt doctor said round ligament pain, but really, I've had it since like 6-7 weeks! Oh well, if they saw nothing wrong it's good enough for me.
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I dug out my maternity belt just to see and felt immediate relief once I put it on. If I need it this early, is it still going to help later? Is it going to prevent the baby from getting into position at the end? Last time, baby was not in a bad position for labor but not in a great one either. I didn't wear the belt as often the last two weeks because of this fear last time but she still wasn't in a great position (not bad but it hurt worse than the first one).
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