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poop question

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clovers poop turned yellow and seedy but now there seems to be either green stringy looking bits mixed in or its just green stringy with a few seedy bits.
i seem to have a lot of milk, today i soaked through a breast pad my bra and soaked my shirt while having a short nap after feeding for 35 minutes. i read something about too much foremilk or something...anyone have anything similar happen?
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DDCC to say that yes it likely has to do with not enough hind milk. If it is mucousy looking though, it could be a dairy intolerance. If it is just a funky green color and not mucousy then try expressing some milk into a towel after let down first and then getting her to latch on?
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I had the green poops (and soaked shirts) with Alice. Block nursing her helped a ton with that. With this kiddo I block nurse occasionally, but she can take both sides and have her poops stay yellow... my supply is a lot calmer though, probably because she doesn't nurse as much/often overall. Lansinoh super absorbent disposable breast pads were the only pads that worked and I sometimes had to double up on them while sleeping.
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thanks! i started offering only one side at a feeding and it seems to be working she seems more satisfied. im so glad it isn't milk allergy i love dairy!
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