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I wanna EAT!

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Food. Still. SUCKS! I'm having the worst time eating. No puking (yay!) but I have zero appetite, nothing sounds good, and what I do eat doesn't taste good. I'm trying to force myself to eat for the baby's sake, but when I do, I start gagging halfway through. It's horrible!

The only thing I've been able to eat regularly is bread with margarine or rice noodle bowls. Tonight, I was eating a noodle bowl and even that made me gag! I can't live off bread forever. I keep hoping the second trimester will bring an appetite, but it still sucks.

Anyone else having trouble with food still?
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DDCC - Sounds exactly like me around 9 weeks. It didn't last too horribly long but I was constantly hungry and could only eat very plain foods like bread and ramen (with only a sprinkle of seasoning). Now I'm just constantly hungry.
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Hope you feel better soon. That's not a fun place to be at all.
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i have/had the same problem, and i've found a strange solution. i had read somewhere that bitters are an appetite stimulant and was at my sister's house with a full bar, so i had a wedge of lemon with bitters on it and was able to eat a regular dinner that night for the first time in weeks. at home the next day, i tried a regular lemon wedge and that didn't work, so my partner and i brainstormed and he came up with sour patch kids! i eat about four or so sour patch kids before i want to eat and i think they make my mouth water and make food seem a little more appetizing. i've been trying to avoid sugar, so i've switched to granny smith apple wedges and that seems to work too, though it could just be my advancing pregnancy is making the nausea and aversions better. maybe you could try something like that? not eating/wanting to eat is a drag, i hope you feel better soon.
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I'm in luck - I just bought a bag of mixed fruit the other day and it's got a bunch of Granny Smiths in it. I will definitely give that a try. I'm eating oatmeal right now and it's ok so far, but I have a feeling I'm going to be sorry I did it about 10 minutes after I'm done.
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Protein is always what helped me. I am still a bit queasy at 13 weeks, but I always keep raw almonds down. Try it!
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