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Vacation ideas?

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We're thinking about taking a vacation next April. Not to visit family or go to a conference or anything--just going somewhere because we want to!

We have enough miles on our credit card for the three of us to basically go anywhere in the US (including Alaska, but not Hawaii) and much of Canada. We aren't too excited about big cities other than Boston or NYC, which we visit occasionally already. We enjoy places with lots of natural beauty, especially with a landscape somehow different than our own in coastal Maine. We'd like to go somewhere warmer than Maine is in April. Maybe somewhere with full-on flowery spring (instead of the mud we'll have then)? There are so many possibilities! Where would you go?
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Isn't that about when the Cherry Blossoms bloom in Washington DC? That might be a fun vacation. There are so many cool museums for a child your DDs age, too.

For a more low-key vacation, we just took a family vacation to Lancaster County. We stayed in a B&B on a real working farm and there is a bunch of things to do with young children in the area. I'm not sure you could get more than a few days out of the area, though.
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I know you said you're not into cities... I'm not a city gal myself, but DH and I really, really enjoy travelling to San Francisco. I haven't gone with kids, but I'd love to. It has an old city vibe like Boston, but is hip and modern and so West Coast.

That being said, we're going to DC in April for a wedding and are looking forward to it!
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What about Charleston, SC or Savannah, Ga? Both will have nice weather in the spring with flowers blooming like crazy. They're lovely cities with lots of historic points of interest.
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I'm from Florida so I'm obligated as a citizen-ambassador to suggest our beautiful state! I don't think it needs much help on the tourism marketing front, though.

A city that is definitely worth a visit at least once is Asheville, NC. So many beautiful things to see, a ton of great locally owned restaurants and you can even catch a Tourists game while you're there.
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I vote for somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.
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here are a few of my pics:

arizona/new mexico--desert landscapes, likely in spring bloom, and really beautiful, diverse terrain. sedona and other small towns might provide the natural beauty that you seek.

as above--washington DC--it would be cherry blossom time, and you could do the monuments and a museum in a day. then, head out of town to the blue ridge mountains and hike a bit, and then perhaps head south to colonial williamsburg in spring. quite nice.

i would also consider the pacific northwest--visit three cities and the rural environments along the way: vancouver, seattle, and portland. really lovely area. might be rainy that time of year (it's usually pretty rainy anyway), but there are nice things to do in those cities--indoors and out--and you are close to some really beautiful wild spaces, too. so, best of both worlds.

i have no clue how yellowstone is in april, but i love that region too.
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Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
here are a few of my pics:

i have no clue how yellowstone is in april, but i love that region too.
Frozen. Access roads- to much of it- will not yet be open unless we have an exceptionally mild winter.

I grew up on the east coast, and coming west has been amazing. The Badlands are an amazingly different kind of wild space. I love the Pacific Northwest- the trees are amazing! I think though, I might look into something like Santa Fe, NM- quite likely my favorite of visited cities, and it's an incredibly different 'feeling' than the East Coast.

On a completely unrelated note, I miss Maine now- I was born in Damariscotta, and in so many ways, that area will always be 'home'.
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Another vote here for San Francisco! I was just there today. April is a beautiful time of year. San Francisco is a beautiful city, has great food and lots of stuff to do. Skip Fisherman's Wharf though...it's a vile trap. You can see redwoods! The hills will still be green in April. Flowers! Wine! Rent a car and go to the Monterrey Aquarium. Visit the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Skip the Winchester Mystery House...the tour is lame. Honestly even if I didn't live in the Bay Area I would still wholeheartedly endorse visiting.

I also love the Pacific Northwest. Oregon is really beautiful. But the weather is sketchy in April. It could be nice or it could rain the whole time and snow in the mountains (which is only an issue if you're driving).
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i need more info.

what kind of vacations do you guys enjoy?


is it for about 10 days?

do you like being out most days instead of hanging out in your hotel?

is your dd v. social and doesnt really have to have a v. structured day?

where i would really like to go is - puerto rico (i am NOT a hawaii kinda gal).

i love the combination of island, beaches, history, city and hiking nature.

just to be walking down a cobbled street with vibrant coloured buildings and spanish architecture recently has been really appealing to me. however probably your flyer miles wont work for that.

would you enjoy driving?

how about a road trip? do you have a favourite route you guys can trance for a part of it instead of the whole thing. yeah i discovered route 66 from teh movie 'cars' and enjoyed travelling on some of the desert part of the route.
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lots of natural beauty? california has tons of it (and so varied).

i grew up in new england and used to think coastal maine was the most beautiful place in the country until i moved west and saw california's central coast. gorgeous!

i also agree with others who mentioned san francisco. great city. tons to do. i tend to prefer east coast cities, but really enjoy san francisco, portland and seattle.
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We've thought about San Francisco. We went there once together when I was 8 months pregnant and LOVED it. We loved driving north and exploring along the coast.

Puerto Rico is a place we hadn't thought of. We've never been anywhere at all tropical. I think if we could find a place that was tropical but not too cheesy/commercial, that would be something to consider.

We also hadn't considered the southwest. That's an area we have no experience with at all. Someplace totally new could be fun!

What would Vancouver be like in April? I'm guessing rainy and cold, but I could be way off.

I've also heard a lot of great things about Savannah and Asheville. So many choices!

I am a teacher and I have a week off in the middle of April. That's when we'd be going. DD will be almost 5 (wow!) and is a pretty easy, adventurous kid. She does like her routine, but she can be flexible when there are new and interesting things happening. We'd love to go to Europe, but if we can pay for something entirely with miles, that would be better. Europe would still be quite a lot out of pocket. I'd consider some sort of small, remote eco-resort somewhere if we could be totally independent. Does that exist?
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ouch. ouch. ouch. spring break. i would try to avoid the 3 hour time difference and instead stay in your or at the most central 2 hour difference. you lose a couple of days adjusting to the time.

also be careful. THAT is a time i wouldnt be traveling to typical 'tropical' places. most of the country will be doing that.

like seattle and portland i guess rain and vancouver is synonymous.


no idea if college students party on the vancouver beaches.
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San Diego is gorgeous in April. You can go hiking, go to the beach, go on a boat, lots of parks and things to do. My extended family lives there and we go at least once a year and always have fun. Sea World, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Legoland, etc. are great if you're looking for that kind of vacation as well.
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I think that most people have spring break in march....

I would suggest the Grand Caymen Islands, a little town called Fairhope in Alabama on the Gulf, and New Orleans. But thats just me. I hate the cold, and after I had been freezing all winter in Maine, I would want sunshine and heat.
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San Diego is my suggestion, too. We went last year for spring break, and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, but still warm enough to go to the beach.
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