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A couple of months ago I had an exposed nerve root. I switched to a soft toothbrush and used Sensodyne for a while, then I was able to switch back to my regular toothpaste. As long as I used the soft brush it didn't hurt at all and it seems to have healed.

Tonight I was brushing my teeth and hit another exposed root. This one hurt a LOT more. I rinsed off my brush and put Sensodyne on but it didn't help. I also put some Sensodyne right on it to sit overnight in the hopes that it will help with the pain.

I've been using the soft toothbrush all this time. Am I brushing too hard or something. I brushed just as hard my whole life with a firm brush and never had a problem, then suddenly two within a couple of months. Am I doing something to cause these? Is there a way to heal them besides just waiting it out?