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Anyone use e-Mealz?

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I'm something of a Dave Ramsey addict, and I hear the ads for e-Mealz all the time. I've been on their website and looked at the sample menus... And it looks like good, healthy food (especially the low-fat and low-carb menu options) that is simple to prepare.

I was just curious if anyone out there used their service. I think even if I subscribed for a month, I'd get enough useful recipes to keep me for about a year, mixed in with what I already make.

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I tried this for a while but didn't use it because the foods weren't what we would normally have eaten. You know, like fish and if I recall correctly, processed foods.
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My sister used Emealz for a while, probably six months. Let's just say I ate at her house a lot, lol, the food was good and we tried many foods we wouldn't have, and we learned that we liked them.

She stopped however when she realized that she could spend less money on groceries by couponing than she could with Emealz.

Great company though!
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I havent used the site but I have considered it. The site does have some sample menus that you can print out. If you print out all of them, you would have quite a few to try before deciding whether to subscribe.

I've considered using it more now b/c they have a gluten free menu now and I've been waning to try that with my DS. I am clueless on where to start so I am considering it as an option along with gluten free cookbooks.
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I didn't know they had a GF menu! But it's been awhile since I checked out the site. We MIGHT be going GF soon for my daughter.
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I think the gluten free menu is fairly new. I only knew about it b/c a friend posted about in on facebook.
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