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Oregon Mamas?

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I noticed when I joined the roster thread that there were several Mamas in the DDC who live in Oregon. I live in Eugene and am curious if anyone else does or where you are? It might be fun to get together sometime or trade local info.

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hey there - i'm in corvallis, but will be in eugene at least once a month or so for prenatals, sometimes more than that. do you have any kids or is this your first? i have a 2 year old daughter, love to sew and knit or just hang out. we used to live outside of junction city, so i know eugene fairly well.
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I'm in PDX.... doubt I'll be down in Eugene any time before the baby I used to live in Springfield and go to Lane c.c. so I'm familiar with the area. But, not within "let's meet for coffee distance". Our tribe area is so dead, man.
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@Kalamos23- I have 3 older kids, 10, 9, and 5. My BFF lives in Corvallis... do you know a mama named Jessica with a little girl named Mara? I would be into meeting for tea or something sometime, message me when you're coming down.

@kaPOW!- What happened to the Oregon presence on here? A few years ago there used to be so many of us!
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a variety of reasons, but i'd say facebook was the biggest.
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Hi I'm here in Portland, recently moved here after 14 years in Eugene..taught preschool my whole time there, just opened a home based one here in PDX, I have a 7yr son, 4 yr daughter, and 14 mo old daughter.  I'd love to connect w other mamas!

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are you thinking of taking infants after you have yours, lotus heart?

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I'm in Eugene.  Well Harrisburg actually.  And I work in Springfield.  :)

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I'm here, just moved to PDX from Texas. DH's family is here, and with our fourth on the way, we thought it was time to be nearer to family. Good to know there are others out here. 


I have 3 daughters, aged 10, 7 and 5. 




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Hi there, I cannot take infants other than my own 14 month old as of now, my licensing is for preschool age children only...I sometimes care for babies/toddlers outside of preschool time though, if the schedule is compatible with mine...

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HI. I'm in Corvallis wave.gif

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wow, so many oregon mama's! i'm not due til july, but i'm in albany. glad to know there's so many MDC belly's around close by love.gif

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Im in Albany.  Moved here earlier this year.  So far really like the area.

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Don't get to MDC much anymore, just saying hello! I'm in the Corvallis area, if anyone needs home/unschool resources, let me know!

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Hi Oregon Mamas!!  wave.gif

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Hello!  I live in Corvallis.

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Hi! How'd everyone do with the cold spell? Things were noticably less icy on the drive to work today. So glad I have an ankle length jacket to wear (and that it still fits).

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So glad the cold spell is over!  Today it's gorgeous out in Eugene!  I took DD2 and her friend for a walk in the park after kindergarten today and we left our coats in the car.  If only it would stay like this.

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I guess I never posted to this thread--I am in Oregon too.  Currently, we are in Beavercreek.  We still have some snow on the ground!  Not much though--it's melted a lot today.

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I was really happy about the warmer weather today too! No frost on the car! yay!

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