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I really, really, need to poo.

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Yeah, ok, TMI..but lets face it, nothing is tmi on here. Thats why I love this place.

I have not had a normal bm since conception. I am constantly constipated. I go everyday, but not enough. I have tried everything. I am eating TONS of veggies/fruits/fiber/prune juice. I take stool softners. I exercise. I rub my belly. I use suppositories. I just wanna be regular. My belly is big enough without the extra *luggage* in there. I am miserable!!!!!!!!!!

Any ideas?I am off zofran now,so thats not the issue. Its just, Im preggo w twins. Thanks for any suggetions!
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I had this problem some last pregnancy (not this one so far thank god!) and the only thing that helped was giving up cheese.
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I take a benefiber chewable everyday - before that I was so constipated that I was worried I was going to have to go to the ER. I think it's just a symptom of the slower digestion as your body tries to wring every last nutrient out of your food.

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I was on colace but it stopped being very effective. Now I'm on miralax and it is working! It did take probably the full 3 days of taking it before I was like, "RELIEF!" but about 12 hours after the full dose I began to see some change. I'm all about the miralax now. It doesn't cause cramping which is great.

Also, you could stir benefiber into your drinks. I was doing that for awhile but stopped because the fiber bothers my stomach...

Good luck!!! Let us know

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i've seen mine slow down some these last few weeks, but i've found magnesium supplements to be invaluable for this. i'm still on a very small dose, so i have lots of room to go up if i continue to slow down.

good luck mama, i'm sure it's way uncomfortable. hope you get some bigger relief soon!

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one more idea... before pregnancy i used to drink 3 glasses of room temp water first thing in the morning, if you need some flavor you can add fresh lemon, anyways, i hadn't been able to do it with morning sickness, but i'm just starting it back... and it's super helpful in getting things gliding out!
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Oh also, do you drink caffeine? Every day about a half hour after I have my mocha latte, things move right along
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I second ashleybrooks's suggestion of the magnesium - it is actually TOO effective for me to take magnesium oxide, so I take a chelated form, but I think I'm just super sensitive. My guts tell me as soon as I've had a supplement with magnesium oxide - it's not too well absorbed by your body, so it works well to get stuff moving. Drinking LOTS of water helps me, too. I actually haven't had a constipation problem with this pregnancy, and I attribute it to the ridiculous amount of water I'm drinking.

Do you drink smoothies? You could put some flax oil into them - that's what I do for DS when he's constipated, and it works a dream.

I hope you're feeling much, much better soon!
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Originally Posted by hollytheteacher View Post
Oh also, do you drink caffeine? Every day about a half hour after I have my mocha latte, things move right along
That's what I was going to suggest. Coffee does it for me! I have one cup a day in the morning. Oh how I missed it during the ms, couldn't even stand the smell.
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I'm on the same boat... I am feeling pretty miserable. And I can't be a very "active participant" in the bathroom because of my previa. I start bleeding if I am to aggressive. It is awful. I'm taking magnesium, but I haven't seen a difference yet. I have tried upping my water intake, eating prunes, raw veggies & fruits, the occasional stool softener... nothing is helping. I wondered about the miralax, I wasn't sure if it was safe to take. I'll have to give it a try. I just hate to take anything while pregnant, but enough is enough.
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2 things that have made all the difference in the world for me are 1. switching to a prenatal vitamin with less iron and 2. adding 2 servings (you can have 3 a day) of Benefiber to my morning water. I genuinely thought I was going to have to go to the hospital before that.
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Get Regular Yogi Tea. It works. Drink a cup at night and by the morning things are working a bit better.
Good luck.
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I find acidophilus and other digestive bacteria really helpful. It works better for me in pill or chewable form, taken with a whole lot of water. Good bacteria works slower than some other remedies, but it's easier on my stomach than a lot of pure fiber. Can you change brands on your prenatal vits? Switch to chelated iron instead?

I second the flaxseed oil (in a shake, on toast instead of butter, etc.) and warm water in the morning, too. If it were still summertime, I'd say eat a lot of watermelon.
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Miralax is safe and so is regular colace neither will produce intestinal contractions. With the colace things moved but weren't necessarily soft enough . The miralax, for me, after 5 day now is just lovely in that everything is soft and moving. Oh, and the Simply Apple apple juice (or really any good cider) will help as well.

For me, water didn't seem to help but I drink like 100-150 ounces a day already. Coffee could move things but ouch! I wish you the best! I am especially trying to find what is most effective now so that post-birth I'm not causing myself extra agony...yikes!!!

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Milk of magnesium is the only thing that will work for me. I hate it, but my doc recommended using it twice per week. I try to hold off, but had to take it again today due to horrible heartburn and constipation.

I completely stopped taking iron, it makes everything worse.
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Thanks for all the suggestions!!The coffee, and apple juice did not work for me. Things moved, but they were not soft. I drank a gallon of simple apple juice in a day, my tummy rumbled, but nothing. I think not only the pregnancy, but the fact that pre preg I was dairy free. I took myself off dairy years ago due to sinus drainage, headaches, and constipation. Dairy free, I felt great, but since preggo I have craved tons of dairy and gave in due to the babies needing it, therefore, extra constipation level for me. I am going to give the miralax a try today. Ill report back in a week and let you all know how things are moving along.LOL
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I second the water - 1 full glass (12oz) in the evening and one full glass in the AM - that has helped me. Also eating twiggy-stick cereal - the extra hi fiber kind for breakfast. Skipping my prenatal vitamin. Cutting back on cheese and white bread and cutting out all fried & processed foods. Exercising. Peppermint tea. And drinking kefir recently has appeared to help as well.

Good luck! It is a continuous struggle!!
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Okay. Bold statement on the way...

I miralax!

Today was the best day yet!

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Got the same problem... sort of. I will not go for about a week or so, and then I have TERRIBLE HORRIBLE diarrhea randomly for a few hours. It's extremely painful. This last time I gave in and tried "splinting" to help with my rectocele. I was horrifyed to be able to feel the stools through my vaginal wall It's just not right having to stick my thumb in my vagina to poop

The get regular tea works for me, but it causes me a lot of cramping.

I would try miralax, but my 3 yr old is currently on it and I can't afford to buy more than we already buy. That crap's expensive... literally
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Hey Corrie,
My daughter is on miralax and there is a generic form of it that you may be able to request. I bought the first bottle of miralax and then when the doctor said she needed to continue being on it, I asked for a prescription and he was able to do one. Polyethalyne Glycol, I think it's called. Good luck!
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